Cool Science Gifts for Kids

Check out these cool science gifts for kids. They are fun and educational gifts that you can give kids during the holidays or for special occasions.

Science is one of our favorite subjects. Not only can you learn about some interesting things, but there are fun experiments and projects that you can add in for some extra learning. On of our favorites was making unpoppable bubbles.

Whether you have a science fan in the house or want to give your child something that’s cool and educational, these science gifts will make the perfect present.

Cool Science Gifts for Kids

These cool science gifts for kids are perfect for homeschool families. You can use them in addition to your science curriculum or give the cool science gifts to those interested in learning about how things work.

Cool Science Gifts for Kids

Benefits of Science Kits & Gifts

  • Science kits and experiments are a great way to spark their interest in the subject.
  • Provides kids a way to enjoy some screen free time while having fun.
  • It can encourage them to become problem solvers.
  • It’s a great way to bond with your child as they learn.
  • With many of these cool science gifts, they’ll be applying STEM concepts that promote critical thinking.
  • In breaks up the typical homeschool lesson and gives kids something exciting to do.
  • Cook science gifts make the perfect present when you want something that’s more educational.

Educational Science Gifts Kids Will Love

Here are some of our favorite kids science gifts. These cool science gifts are perfect for any occasion and with the upcoming holidays, they’re great for giving the gift of education.

1. Science Doodles Coloring Book

Kids who love to color will enjoy this science doodles color book.

Each page is filled with different science themed doodles for them to color.

2. Stunning Chemistry Set

This fun chemistry set will have kids creating fizzy and bubbly reactions just like a real scientist in a lab.

There’s a total of 45 science experiments making this a cool science gift to get them interested in chemistry.

3. Science Socks

Colorful and fun, these cute science themed socks are the perfect way to keep their feet warm and show their love for science.

The chemistry socks feature beakers filled with mysterious bubbling substances, formulas, microscopic atoms, droppers, and microscopes.

4. Energy Stick Science Kit

The Energy Stick is a great visual science tool where kids put one hand on each end of the conductor stick to complete the circuit, sparking the emittance of sound and fun flashing lights.

5. Prepared Microscope Slides

This set of microscope slides include those of plants, insects, and animal tissues for basic biology education.

These are slides only, so you will need a microscope to view them. Don’t worry, we’ve included one on this list of cool science gifts!

6. Atomic Science Bracelet

Engraved with the words “Think Like A Proton And Stay Positive”, this bracelet will be a fun gift for science lovers.

They can wear it to show their love for science.

7. Kit with 60 Science Lab Experiments

With over 60 different lab experiments, kids will love this cool science gift.

The kit comes with everything you need for the experiments and they’ll even get to wear a lab coat while working!

8. Dissect-It Simulated Synthetic Lab Dissection

This Super Lab comes with veins, arteries, an expanded dissection tray, tweezers, a magnifying glass, and a 14-page full color guide.

The frog is made out of gelatin-like material that is safe for children and gives it a realistic feel.

9. 4M Kidzlabs Lemon Powered Clock

Kids will love learning how to make a clock work with the power of a lemon.

They will love learning about the powers of batteries, how they work, and how they help us in a variety of different ways.

10. ScienceGeek Kinetic Art Asteroid

Fun and useful for kids who want to learn more about magnets and physics.

This also make a great table stand decoration for their room!

11. Doctor Jupiter Girls First Science Experiment Kit

With this science kit kids will be creating their own perfumes, making a lava lamp, creating fizzy potions, and more.

It contains over 50 experiments that can be done and will spark their interest in science.

12. motion Science – Emotion Robot Kit

This electric dough kit helps kids discover how human emotions are created in a creative way.

They’ll love watching the emotion robot come to life as they light them up with LED lights, make noises with buzzers, and more.

13. Magic Plasma Ball Desk Lamp

Fascinating to watch, this Plasma Ball light is even more fun to play with!

It’s touch & sound activated. Kids can place their fingers on the glass surface and watch as colored bolts of glowing light follow their every move. They can actually “feel” the energy as it tickles their fingertips.

14. Microscope for Kids

This microscope for kids is a powerful tool that kids can use for various experiments and looking at slides.

It also comes with a beginner experiment kit, bag for carrying and storing, and other useful items.

15. Science Formulas Blanket

Soft and comfortable, this science blanket has a variety of different formulas on it.

It’s a fun and cool science gifts for kids that they can use throughout the year.

16. Little Kids First Big Book of Science

One of our favorite cool science gifts for younger children!

This big book of science is a great way to introduce them to science. It’s full of colorful images and easy to read text for young learners.

17. Magic Chemistry Set

With mind-blowing science experiments, this set will be a hit with kids!

With the set, kids will make a coin float, change the color of water, have snow magically appear, and much more!

18. Edible Candy Making Science Kit for Kids

Kids will learn the science behind food and be able to serve a buffet of chewy jelly candies, crystal rock candy, chocolates, lollipops, and test for sugar.

It’s full of fun food science experiments and is another one of our favorite cool science gifts to give.

19. Funny Science Socks

These cool and comfortable science socks will make a great gift for kids of all ages.

The socks feature the saying “Never trust and atom, they make everything!”.

20. DIY Magic Bouncy Balls

Making magic bouncy balls provide a hands-on educational experience that sparks children’s curiosity and problem-solving skills.

This kit will be a great way for kids to learn science through fun.

21. Science Makeup Bag

Kids can use this bag to hold small accessories, makeup, and more.

On of the front of the bag it says “Science, it’s like magic but real”.

22. Science Encyclopedia

Food chemistry, atom crashing, wave power, and robots! 

These are just a few of the topics covered in this cool science encyclopedia, which presents a comprehensive overview of physical and life sciences from A to Z.

23. Personalized Laser Engraved Tumbler

Personalize a tumbler for your favorite little scientist and you have one of the best cool science gifts for kids!

This makes a fun and cool science gifts for kids! You can choose from different designs making this tumbler fun.

24. Anti Gravity Magnetic Levitation Science Kit

This science kit teaches kids about magnetic force through several fun, hands-on experiments.

Experiments include floating a pencil, levitating a screw, building a maglev, and more.

25. I Love Science Shirt

Give this lightweight shirt to your favorite science fan.

It’s comfortable and kids who love science will love wearing it.

Educational and Cool Science Gifts

Not matter what the occasion, these are some cool science gifts for kids. What makes them so cool? They are fun, kids get to make cool things, and they’re educational.

You can give these cool science gifts to kids who love learning science, those who are interested in science experiments, and when you want to give something educational and fun.

Educational Science Gifts Kids Will Love

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