Easy DIY Kites STEM Activity + Kite Crafts

Learning how to make a kite is a fun STEM activity for kids. These easy DIY kites and kite crafts for kids are a great way to bring some learning and outdoor fun into the mix.

Flying kites is a fun spring activity for kids and something that can be done outdoors. It’s the perfect way to get kids outside enjoying the weather. Making your kites at home can also be a great weather craft and STEM activity for kids.

Easy DIY Kites Kids Can Make

Easy DIY Kites STEM Activity

What’s Needed To Make A Kite

There are a variety of different ways you can make a homemade kite so the supplies you need to make a kite can vary. It all depends on how you want to put it together. Some of the most popular ways to make a kite include the following supplies:

  • Construction Paper
  • Newspaper
  • Dowel Rods
  • Tape
  • Contact Paper or Tissue Paper
  • Card Stock

Kite Crafts for Kids

These easy DIY kites and kite crafts for kids are also a great way to teach kids more about the weather. You need wind to fly a kite so it’s the perfect time to introduce them to why there is wind and other weather subjects.

Add some weather writing prompts about the wind and a fun craft to make a fun learning lesson.

Check out this tornado facts and activity printable for more weather fun!

1. DIY Paper Kites

These creative, colorful, and easy DIY kites are fun for kids to make. Kids will love learning how to make a kite with paper and flying it afterward.

2. Paper Plate Kites

Use paper plates to create a fun DIY kite. This one is great for younger children and you only need a few supplies to make it.

3. Newspaper Kite

Using a newspaper, this kite tutorial has easy to follow instructions so that you can easily learn how to make a kite at home.

4. Painted Kite Craft for Kids

This is another fun kite craft for kids that they can do this spring. Kids can use the paint to create and design their own kite to fly.

5. Stained Glass Kite Craft for Kids

Construction paper, clear contact paper, and tissue paper are all you need to make this easy stained glass kite. Add this to your list of tissue paper crafts and you have a fun spring project for kids.

6. Cardstock Kite

This kite tutorial shows you how to make a flying kite out of cardstock and a few other supplies. Kids can get creative with different colors and shapes when it comes to making these easy DIY kites.

7. Plastic Bag DIY Kite Craft for Kids

Recycle a plastic bag into something fun with this plastic bag kite tutorial.

8. Paper Kite

These easy DIY kites are perfect for when you want something simple that will do the trick.

9. Paper Bag Kite Craft

Perfect for windy days, this kite craft for kids is a fun project they can put together during the spring.

10. Wax Paper Kite

Using wax paper, you can make this homemade kite. Young children can help you decorate the kite while older kids can get more involved with making the easy DIY Kites.

11. Jumping Jellyfish Kite Craft

I love this cute jellyfish kite. Not only can you use this as a weather-related learning opportunity but you can also have the kids learn more about jellyfish and other sea creatures.

12. Butterfly Kite

One way to make a kite special is to create a fun shape with this. See how to make a butterfly kite with this tutorial.

13. Bag Kite

If you want to go really simple, this plastic bag kite will do the trick. Plus, it’s super cheap and easy to make.

Easy DIY Kites STEM Activity + DIY Kite Crafts for Kids

These fun DIY kite crafts for kids are a fun way to get the kids working on math, science, and more this spring.

Kite making is a fun STEM activity for kids to do and will give them a reason to go outside and enjoy the nice spring weather.

Easy DIY Kites STEM Activity + Kite Crafts for Kids

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