Spooky Halloween Snack Boards Guests Will Love

These spooky Halloween snack boards are a festive and creative way to celebrate Halloween while enjoying delicious snacks and treats.

They are great for Halloween parties and celebrations or Halloween movie nights with the family.

These Halloween snack boards incorporate a variety of savory and sweet items. The fruits, veggies, nuts, candy, and other goodies are arranged in a fun Halloween-themed way.

Creative Halloween Snack Boards

Spooky Halloween Snack Boards

What items go on a Halloween snack board?

Wondering what kind of items go on a Halloween snack board? Don’t worry… we have you covered with some ideas on making your snack board spooky and fun!

Most snack boards contain a variety of different snacks kids and adults will enjoy. You can customize these snacks to your favorite fruits, veggies, cheeses, candy, crackers, cookies, etc. Whatever snacks you enjoy eating can be added to a Halloween snack board.

How do you decorate a snack board for Halloween?

When it comes to making a Halloween board of snacks, you can go all out or make a simple board. These are some of the ways we enjoy decorating a snack board for Halloween.

Choose a Halloween Themed Base:

The base of your board is what is going to hold your snack board for Halloween together. You will want to start by selecting a large board or platter as the base for your. For example, a black slate board, a wooden cutting board, or a Halloween-themed serving tray can be great options.

Use Cookie Cutters to Make Halloween Shapes

When it comes to your cheese or meat, you can use cookie cutters to create various Halloween shapes. Pumpkins, ghosts, and witches are just a few examples. This will give the spooky snack board some extra fun.

Create a Halloween Centerpiece for the Board

Another great way to decorate your Halloween snack plate is to place a Halloween-themed centerpiece in the center. This will serve as a focal point. It can be pumpkins, a skull decoration, or a spooky figurine. You can also create cheeseballs or other dips in the shape of these items.

Add Some Spooky Labels

Jazz up your Halloween snack plate by creating small labels or signs for each of the different food items. Use black, orange, purple, or even green cardstock paper and write the name of each item. Use Halloween-themed toothpicks or skewers to give your labels a fun look.

Place Halloween Elements Around the Tray

Sprinkle some fun Halloween decorations around the tray for visual fun. Plastic spiders are always a popular element to add to the Halloween snack board. You can also place some decorative skeletons, mini pumpkins, or miniature witches.

Use Halloween Candy and Snacks

When the Halloween season approaches, you will a fun selection of Halloween-themed candy and snacks. Candy corn is probably one of the most popular. Candy pumpkins, gummy worms, Oreos, and other Halloween-shaped candy will work.

These will all work for your Halloween snack boards and will bring some fun to the Halloween food trays.

Fun Halloween Snack Boards

Halloween Snack Boards

Spooky Halloween Snack Boards Kids and Adults Will Love

These are some of the Halloween snack boards we’ve come across. We love the colors, the various Halloween goodies, and how they are put together.

These Halloween snack boards will be perfect for your upcoming Halloween parties and celebrations.

1. Pumpkin Halloween Charcuterie Board

Halloween Charcuterie Board

Pumpkin-shaped cheese, rose-shaped meats, veggies, and some colorful pumpkin candy create a delicious Halloween snack board!

2. Halloween Cheeseboard

Halloween Cheeseboard Halloween Snack Boards

Full of sliced meats, cheeses, crackers, fruit, nuts, and a few sugary Halloween candies and sweets. – DeliciousTable

3. Goblins and Ghouls Charcuterie Board

Goblins and Ghouls Charcuterie Board

This Halloween snack board is full of goodies and treats! You have everything from caramel popcorn to meats and crackers. – Foxes Love Lemons

4. Halloween Cheese Tray

Halloween Cheese Tray

Tons of fruit, crackers, cheese, and other goodies on this snack board for Halloween! – Jordan’s Easy Entertaining

5. Fruit, Nut, and Cheese Halloween Board

Fruit, Nut, and Cheese Halloween Board

You will find a mix of tasty snacks and munchies on this Halloween board. There is a little something for everyone! – Dinner at the Zoo

6. Halloween Candy Board

Halloween Candy Board Halloween Snack Boards

If you want to serve up a spooky Halloween snack board that’s all sweets, this candy board is an impressive way to go! – Aubrey’s Kitchen

7. Skeleton Snack Board

Skeleton Snack Board - Halloween Snack Boards

Don’t let the skeletons care you away from this Halloween board of snacks! Grapes, dip, sweets, meats, and cheeses are the goodies you will enjoy here. – Aleka’s Get Together

8. Spooky Snacks and Treats Halloween Snack Board

Spooky Snacks and Treats Halloween Snack Board

This is one for the kids! It’s full of sweet candy, popcorn, veggies, cheese, chips, and more. We are loving the cute little ghost pretzels! – Two Peas and Their Pod

9. Witch’s Brew Halloween Snack Board

Witch's Brew Halloween Snack Board

An impressive Halloween dessert board that’s full of sweet goodness! The green and purple dessert board for Halloween is festive and delicious. – Play Party Plan

10. Char’Boo’terie BoardHalloween Snack Boards

Spook-Tacular Halloween Snack Board

Mini peppers, cheese, meats, spider web dip, fruits, and a ton of other goodies are used in this Halloween board! – Little Spice Jar

11. Skull Head Spooky Halloween Snack Board

A tray of goodies! Grapes, olives, meats, bread, crackers, and cheese!

12. The Spooky Vibes Halloween Cheeseboard

We are loving the spooky vibes on this Halloween cheese board! It’s made with some tasty nuts, cheese, fruits, and more!

13. Ghoulish-ly Awesome Halloween Board

14. Pumpkin Snack Bard

Adorable! Use the cheese and snacks to create a colorful pumpkin-shaped snack board for Halloween!

15. Sweet and Salty Snack Board for Halloween

16. The Ghostly Pumpkin Cheese Board

17. Popcorn Skull Halloween Board of Snacks

18. Bats, Spiders, Ghosts Oh My!

19. Happy Halloween Snack Board

20. Trader Joe’s Halloween Board

Easy Snack Boards for Halloween

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