Best School Lunch Bags and Lunch Boxes for Kids

Check out some of the best school lunch boxes and lunch bags for kids are easy to clean, functional, and will be able to keep food hot or cold.

Lunch boxes have come a long way for both kids and adults. Remember when it was mostly paper bag lunches filled with sandwiches and snacks that didn’t have to be cooled? Since lunch boxes for kids have come so far, now we can send them off to school or take a trip with delicious meals that are hot or cold. So much better than those boring peanut butter and jelly sandwiches many of us lived on as kids!

Best School Lunch Bags and Lunch Boxes for Kids

As a homeschool parent, I often get asked “Why do the kids even need a lunch box?”. Well, we typically do buy a lunch box for each of the kids because they come in handy for trips.

They’re also perfect for outdoor school days or when we decide we want to enjoy some learning outside and have a picnic. So we always add a lunch box to our homeschool supply list.

Which type of lunch bag or lunch box is best for kids?

Most lunch boxes are pretty similar, but there are some that are better suited for different setups and different foods. When you’re trying to find the best lunch box for your child, there are a few things to consider.

Does it need to be insulated? Insulated lunch boxes and bags help keep perishable items cool and prevent hot foods from getting cold. This will allow them to enjoy their favorite snacks and foods at a good temperature.

What kind of style are you looking for? Do you want a Bento-style lunch box that has separated containers or a traditional lunch box with just one container? Would your child do better with a lunch bag or a plastic box that’s more sturdy?

Answering those questions will be able to lead you to get the best lunch box for your child.

No matter what style you go with, be sure not to forget the lunch box accessories!

Best Kids Lunch Bags and Lunch Boxes

What to pack Inside a school lunch bag for kids:

Cute & Best Kids School Lunch Bags and Boxes

Kids Lunch Bags

You can find a variety of different styles and types of lunch boxes or lunch bags for kids. These are a few of our favorites, along with some popular lunch boxes for kids.

Barbie Lunchbox

barbie lunch box

Send your little Barbie fan off to school in style with a cute Barbie Lunch Box.

This lunch box features a zippered main section and a comfortable carrying handle. 

Amersun Insulated Lunch Box

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The outside of the lunch box is made of waterproof and stain-resistant Oxford fabric, which is reusable, durable, and easy to clean. The inner lining is made of food-grade aluminum foil and filled with a 4 mm sponge. The food can be refrigerated or kept warm for several hours. Equipped with premium zipper, easy to open. 

Kids Double Decker Lunch Bag

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With the option to separate the cold food from the hot food, this lunch bag is great for kids.

It’s heavy duty and there is plenty of room to store their lunch, snacks, and favorite foods.

Sonuimy Insulated Lunch Bag

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This is an insulated lunch bag with a tote style and front pocket design. Kids can keep small items in their pockets if they wish.

Light but big enough to hold all the food and silverware you want (lunch box containers, food, fruit, snacks, canned drinks).

Vivid Lunch Box for Kids

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We love the graphic with cool colors on this lunch box for kids. It has a single inner compartment and a moisture-proof design that’s perfect for storing all types of foods.

Two sturdy zippers open on top in two directions for quick access. Keep food and beverage fresh, cold or hot for at least 12 hours.

LUREMADE Kids Insulated Lunch Box for Girls

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The 2-way zipper with a long pull makes it simple for little kids to use themselves. The large opening makes it easy to put food in or out. 

The lunch box for kids has a smooth interior that’s easier to wipe clean.

Tongtai Kids Lunch Box

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durable, water-resistant, and easy to clean. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and you’re good to go!

The lunch box features a fun video game design that kids of all ages will enjoy.

Tilami Lunch Bags Insulated Adjustable Strap Zipper

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Hot and cold items could be insulated from each other with two different major compartments. A zip-around closure provides an easy-access compartment.

There is plenty of room for sandwiches, chips, fruit, cookies, drinks, and more. The front zippered pocket is perfect for storing napkins and utensils.

Nuby Insulated Bento Box Lunchbox

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Bright, colorful patterns on the travel bags make lunchtime fun. Each travel bag is insulated, keeping foods fresh and cool for whenever you or your little one are ready to eat.

The lunch box includes two ice packs that are non-toxic. Easily keep food chilled until mealtime comes around.

FlowFly Kids Blue Camo Double Decker Cooler

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The double deck sections could separate cold or warm food. The top compartment is for fruits, chips, snacks, and drinks.

The bottom rectangle compartment could give storage space you need to hold your favorite meals or sandwiches. There’s plenty of space for sandwiches, food containers, condiments, fruit salad bowls, and more.

Bentology Kids Cheetah Lunch Bag Set

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The kit includes a matching Cheetah-themed lunch tote bag, water bottle, and hard ice pack to ensure that all the needs are fulfilled.

Let the food stay fresh with the slim ice pack inside the lunch tote bag & add-on a hot or cold drink in the insulated bottle that’s included with the lunch box set.

PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag with Zip Closure

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PackIt is a freezable lunch cooler designed to keep contents cooler, longer: up to 10 hours (depending on external temperatures).

The patented freezable gel is permanently built into the liner, so there is no need for ice or gel packs. Simply fold your PackIt flat and freeze overnight.

DOIOED Bento Lunch Box

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B09P61ZYQ9&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=homeschoolhappiness 20&language=en USir?t=homeschoolhappiness 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B09P61ZYQ9

DOIOED kids bento lunch box is 100% leak-proof and airtight to keep food fresh and prevent any spills, stains, or odors from your bag.

Waterproof stickers include various themed cartoon patterns and letters. Kids can spread their imagination to design your bento box and make it unique. 

Lightweight Lunch Bag

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Available in a variety of bright colors and designs, including dinosaur, unicorn, corgi dog, and more, perfect for both boys and girls.

Includes an inner net bag for utensils, a front pocket for keys and cellphones, and large double zippers for durability and ease of use. Easy for kids to carry, while high-quality materials ensure sturdiness and long-lasting use.

Insulated Bento Lunch Box with Art Inserts

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Fun removable artwork inserts are just one of the amazing features of this special kid’s bento lunch box!

It’s the only one of its kind to offer a handle, 4 food compartments, a removable tray, a built-in cooler compartment with removable ice packs, AND customizable designs for the front panel.

Samhe Lunch Box with Thermal Cooler

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Made of top-quality 600D Oxford cloth and BPA-free food-grade aluminum foil with thermal insulation pearl foam lining which can keep your food warm or fresh for hours, the purple rainbow lunch bag is also leak-proof, wear-resistant, easy to clean, and reusable.

JOY2B Kids Lunch Bag

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This lunch bag for kids has a ton of different features! A reinforced grab-handle with a buckle clip allows your Toddler to either carry by hand or clip to the matching Preschool Backpack for Boys. The kid’s lunch bag is closed using an extra strong hook and loop.

best lunch boxes for kids

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