Earth Day Printables and Activities

Want to celebrate Earth Day in a fun way? These free Earth Day printables will be a great addition to your learning and will add some fun to the holiday.

Last time we shared some fun Earth Day crafts the kids can do as they celebrate Earth Day. We also wanted to feature some fun Earth Day printables that you can use to go along with those crafts or as a separate activity. So, here are some educational and fun printables for Earth Day that you can use to further their learning.

In addition to working on these Earth Day printable activities, you can put together a cute Earth Day charcuterie board for everyone to snack on.

Printable Earth Day Activities for Kids

Printable Earth Day Activities for Kids

1. Earth Day Color By Number – Let the kids use crayons to complete this Earth Day color by number activity. It also gives them practice in other subjects too.

2. Earth Day Connect The Dots – Connect the dots worksheets are always fun. As kids learn more about the holiday and recycling, they can complete these Earth Day connect the dots activities.

3. Earth Day Memory Game Printable – This memory game is a free Earth Day printable that you can use for the holiday. There are 12 different images included in the memory game.

4. Happy Earth Day Coloring Pages – Coloring pages are always a fun activity for kids. These can be used to help teach them more about the importance of Earth Day.

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5. Earth Day Printable Booklet – Print out this Earth Day activity and preschoolers can practice math and more as they learn more about the holiday.

Free Earth Day Printables for Kids

Earth Day Printables and Activities

6. Printable Earth Day Hat – Print out this Earth Day hat and let the kids color it. When they are finished, they can wear the hat as they do other Earth Day printables or activities.

7. Earth Day Bingo – Bingo is a fun game that can bring in lots of educational aspects. For Earth Day, this bingo game will let kids have fun as they learn more about the holiday.

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8. Earth Day Scavenger Hunt – This is a fun and educational activity that is great for kids of all ages and will have them using many of their senses.

9. I Spy Earth Day – We love I Spy printables because kids can practice recognizing colors, math, and more. For Earth Day, they can learn more about those subjects and the holiday with these I Spy Earth Day printables.

10. Earth Day Worksheets – There are a variety of different Earth Day worksheets included here. You can print them out to learn more about and celebrate Earth Day.

11. Earth Day Alphabet Mats – Print and play! You can print these Earth Day mats out and have the kids use playdoh to create the letters on each of the mats.

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