Cute Paper Ring Crafts – Origami Paper Rings We Love

See some of the cutest paper ring crafts! These fun and easy to make origami paper rings are a craft that anyone can do.

Making paper rings is a fun activity for both kids and adults. Kids can make their own origami rings at home, at school, or with their friends. They also work well if you need a road trip activity for tweens or teens!

Cute Paper Ring Crafts

How to Make Paper Ring Crafts

Paper rings are made by folding paper into the shape of a ring. Just about any type of paper will work. Many like to use gum wrappers, craft paper, origami paper, etc.

There are different designs that you can make by folding paper. You can also draw faces, decorate the rings, or add glitter and other accessories to make them even more fun.

You can even find templates for printable paper rings. These allow you to print, cut, and put the paper rings together.

Cute Paper Rings Crafts

1. DIY Flower Paper Rings

Check out these unique paper flower rings. The tutorial comes with a template that you can use to make the flower rings.

2. Animal Rings Made From Paper

These adorable little animal rings can be made with paper. Kids will love creating the paper rings and showing them off.

3. Lotus Flower Paper Ring

4. Paper Heart Rings

5. Origami Fox Ring

6. Easy Origami Rings

7. Cat Paper Rings

8. Winged Ring

9. Modular Paper Rings

10. Hexagonal Gem Paper Rings

11. Paper Bow Rings

12. Printable Christmas Paper Rings

Origami Paper Rings We Love

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