Easy No Cook Snacks for Kids

Easy no cook snacks for kids are perfect for when you want a quick throw together snack for them to enjoy throughout the day.

No cook snacks are also perfect for parties or to enjoy throughout the day. They are easily customizable too which means that you can include things you know your child will eat.

These snacks are also a great treat for them to enjoy while taking a break from school work. You can simple grab them from the fridge and enjoy.

Why we love these no cook snacks:

  • they are healthy
  • these snacks use fresh fruit and veggies
  • you can prepare them ahead of time
  • there is no cooking involved!

Easy No Cook Snacks for Kids

Easy No Cook Snacks for Kids
  1. Butterfly Fruit Snack Packs
  2. School Bus Cracker Snack
  3. Owl Rice Cakes
  4. This Lil Piggy Yogurt Snack for Kids
  5. Bunny Pudding Cup Treats
  6. Chicken Salad Cucumber Boats – Use premade chicken salad or purchase canned/cooked chicken.
  7. Summer Torch Snack
  8. Frozen Yogurt Bites
  9. Fruit Salsa – see more of our favorite fruit salsa recipes
  10. Peanut Butter Banana Bites
  11. Peanut Butter Raisin Balls
  12. Kids Charcuterie Board
  13. Rainbow Fruit Skewers
  14. Fruit Parfaits
  15. Fruit Popsicles
  16. Tomato Mayo Toast

Easy Snacks for Kids

Easy Snacks for Kids
  1. Race Car Snack
  2. Keto Cucumber & Turkey Sandwiches
  3. Apple Nachos
  4. Strawberries and Cream
  5. Mango Popsicles
  6. Mini Apple Pizzas
  7. Greek Yogurt Bites
  8. Cream Cheese and Cheddar Ham Roll Ups
  9. Fresh Fruit Salad Bowl
  10. Veggie Cups
  11. Monster Apple Bites
  12. No Bake Granola Bars
No Bake No Cook Snacks

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  1. Looks delicious that kids will surely love. Thanks for it.

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