Homeschool Supply List for Every Grade & Age

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Wondering what kind of items you need to add to your homeschool supply list? We’ve gathered the best homeschool supplies for every grade.

These are homeschool supplies that you will not regret buying. You will use them often and they will make your homeschool days a whole lot easier.

Homeschool Supply List for Every Grade & Age

Homeschool Supply List for Every Grade

You’ll notice that many of these homeschool supply list sections contain the same items so the good thing is that you can use them year after year. As you get into the higher grades, more sophisticated items may be needed.

These are just a few of the supplies that we use.. as I find more, I will continue to update the post.

If you have some favorites that you love using in your homeschool, please share them!

Homeschool Supply Lists for Preschool

Homeschool Supply Lists for Kindergarten

1st Grade Homeschool Supply Lists

2nd Grade Homeschool Supplies

3rd Grade Homeschool Supplies

4th Grade Homeschool Supplies

5th Grade Homeschool Supplies

6th Grade Homeschool Supplies

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7th Grade Homeschool Supplies

8th Grade Homeschool Supplies

9th Grade Homeschool Supplies

10th Grade Homeschool Supplies

11th Grade Homeschool Supplies

12th Grade Homeschool Supplies

Each of these homeschool supply lists can be altered to fit your own needs. Not all families homeschool the same way so creating your own homeschool supply lists can be a great idea.

Homeschool Supply List

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