Unique Christmas Tree Ideas for the Holidays

Ready for some unique Christmas tree ideas for the holidays? With the holidays almost here, it’s time to start thinking about getting the tree up.

While it’s a big task for us, it’s still my favorite time of the year and we’ve made it a traditional part of our 12 days of Christmas activities. I love seeing the tree go up and having the kids help us decorate it.

Have you seen those wild and full Christmas trees that are creative and fun? We love them and even though our trees are never picture-perfect, they end up being special.

Best Non-Traditional Christmas Tree Ideas

Unique Christmas Tree Ideas for the Holidays

If you are looking to get creative and mix it up with some unique Christmas tree ideas for the holidays, these are for you.

1. Gingerbread Man Christmas Tree

We love the idea of bringing cute gingerbread men into the design. Use large gingerbread man decorations along with large ornaments to create this unique Christmas tree design.

2. Christmas Present Christmas Tree

Use different-sized boxes wrapped with red wrapping paper and tied with white bows to create this cute Christmas tree.

3. Ribbon Christmas Tree Idea

I love this black and white ribbon-themed Christmas tree. The tree is made with wide pieces of ribbon to create this unique Christmas tree.

4. Wrapping Paper Christmas Tree

Using wrapping paper to create a Christmas tree has never crossed my mind, but it’s a creative way to bring some holiday cheer into your home.

5. Tipi Christmas Tree

Add some extra fun to the holidays this year with a cute Tipi Christmas tree. You can enjoy a fun Christmas night with the family inside the tree and then use it to store your presents.

6. Snowman Christmas Tree

I love snowmen and this one is one of my favorite Christmas trees. While this unique Christmas tree design sports more than just snowmen, they are the more prominent decorations. I love the Santa coming out of the tree and the elf feet at the top.

7. Candyland Christmas Tree Design

Go for the Candyland look with this adorable and colorful Christmas tree. You can see how the large candy ornaments are made and get some tips on putting them together on the tree.

8. Colorful Christmas Jewel Tree

I love this adorable Christmas jewel tree. It’s bright and colorful. The ribbons hanging down give the tree such a beautiful look.

9. Shiny Brite Christmas Tree

Full of festive cheer, this shiny brite Christmas tree is one of my favorites.

Unique Christmas Tree Ideas for the Holidays

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