Printable Kindness Bookmarks for Kids

These large printable kindness bookmarks for kids are perfect for young readers. Kids can color the cards and keep their place in their favorite book.

It’s important to teach kids as early as you can that being kind is important. That bring kind is something that will make the world a better place.

Free Printable Kindness Bookmarks

Printable Kindness Bookmarks for Kids

When we are kind to someone, it helps others. If someone is having a bad day, being kind can help turn their day around to a better one. I always reminded my kids of this and always encouraged them to be kind to everyone, no matter what. We also always did a 20 day kindness challenge to help promote kindness.

This set of printable kindness bookmarks were made to be larger in size that way kids can easily color them and use them. They will love using the free printable kindness bookmarks with some fun kindness books.

The 3 kindness bookmarks say:

  1. Always be kind. It can change someone’s day. (This is so true and it’s a good reminder for them each time they use the bookmark.)
  2. Always choose kindness over anything else. (Another important reminder for kids is that kindness is something that beats everything.)
  3. The third bookmark is full of kindness phrases and sayings reminding them that being kind is important.
Kindness Bookmarks

The printable kindness bookmarks are free to print and use. Kids can color 2 of the bookmarks if they want. As a reminder, these are larger bookmarks making them perfect for small hands.

Download the free kindness bookmarks

World kindness day is in November and these printable bookmarks will be the perfect printable for kids to celebrate. It is a fun educational holiday we should all celebrate and promote.

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