Fun Popcorn Crafts for Kids + Popcorn Science Experiments

These fun popcorn crafts for kids are perfect for any season and are a fun excuse to play with your food!

With National Popcorn Day just around the corner, we’ve shared some fun activities and ways to celebrate with kids. We’ve also shared some flavorful popcorn recipes that you can make and enjoy.

Today, we are focusing on fun popcorn crafts for kids and some popcorn science experiments. Many of these popcorn crafts for kids focus on the preschool age but we’ve thrown a few in there for elementary aged students as well.

Preschool Popcorn Crafts for Kids

Popcorn Crafts for Kids

You can bring these preschool popcorn crafts and experiments to your homeschool to celebrate the day or use the preschool popcorn experiments when learning about other subjects.

Benefits of Making Popcorn Crafts

Popcorn crafts for kids have plenty of learning benefits, and we’ve included a few science experiments for even more fun and learning. Here are some of the benefits of these popcorn crafts for kids.

  • Encourages creativity.
  • It helps teach kids practice and patience.
  • Incorporates food science into the activities.
  • It helps improve fine motor skills.
  • Gives kids a sensory experience.

Fun Popcorn Crafts for Kids

Here are some fun and educational ways for kids to play with popcorn. These popcorn science experiments and popcorn crafts for kids are educational and fun, so they are perfect for incorporating into your homeschool lessons.

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1. Popcorn Corn on the Cob Craft

Using popcorn and a few other supplies, kids can help you create corn on the cob. Afterward, kids can enjoy them as a snack throughout the day or week.

2. Bucket of Popcorn Craft

Have the kids create their own bucket of popcorn with this popcorn craft. Real popcorn is used for this project and kids can make the popcorn box with red and white construction paper.

3. Popcorn Sheep Craft

This sheep craft is a fun popcorn craft for preschoolers. You only need a few supplies, most of which you probably already have at home! It’s also a great craft for spring or Easter.

4. Colored Popcorn Mosaic Art

This popcorn mosaic art is great for helping kids with a variety of different things. Because the kernels are small, kids will be strengthening their fingers, learning patience when putting the popcorn craft together, and more.

The popcorn is dyed in different colors, similar to rainbow rice, and can be used in other sensory projects as well.

5. Milk Paint Popcorn Rainbow

Milk paint is used to make this colorful popcorn rainbow craft. It’s perfect for little hands and it’s safe! Since rainbows are related to the weather, you can use this as a fun weather craft as well.

6. Hopping Popcorn Experiment

This fun popcorn science activity will be something the kids will enjoy doing. See what happens when you mix baking soda, popcorn, vinegar, and a few other supplies!

7. Popcorn Trees

Combine popcorn and nature with this fun popcorn tree craft for kids. It’s an easy nature craft kids will enjoy putting together.

Here is another fun popcorn tree idea that older kids can make. With this popcorn craft for kids, they can create an artistic background to go along with it.

8. Popcorn Letters

Use popcorn and construction paper to help introduce kids to the alphabet like we did with this Letter B craft.

9. Popcorn in Salt Experiment

Have the kids see and record what happens when you combine popcorn and salt. This is a fun popcorn experiment kids can do over and over.

10. Popcorn Snowman

A fun winter craft the kids can put together while at home, this paper plate and popcorn snowman craft is fun and easy to make.

11. Popcorn Stem Activity

Use popcorn to encourage investigation and learning with this popcorn science STEM activity.

12. Popcorn Cob

Kids will love learning how to pop popcorn from a cob and this can be turned into a fun fall learning project.

13. Popcorn Ice Cream Cones

A sweet snack and edible craft kids can help put together, these popcorn ball ice cream cones are fun and tasty.

14. Popcorn Lambs or Sheep

Another fun and simple popcorn craft for preschoolers! Just grab a printout of a sheep or a lamb, use some tissue paper or construction paper for the grass, and popcorn for the fur.

15. Popcorn Letter Practice

Try out this popcorn letter writing tray to help kids learn the alphabet and practice writing letters.

16. Popcorn Bird Feeders

Using leftover pieces of fruit and popcorn, kids can create this fun homemade bird feeder. They can then place the feeder outside and learn more about the birds that come to visit.

17. Fall Popcorn Trees

Perfect for fall, these popcorn trees use toilet paper rolls for the base and colorful popcorn for the leaves.

18. Dancing Popcorn Science Activity

Science and fun come together to create this popcorn experiment. Kids will love watching the “dancing” popcorn as they learn more about science.

19. Popcorn Ornament

Let the kids create their very own ornament with popcorn. This is an easy craft kids can put together and hang on the tree.

20. Volume with Popcorn

This popcorn STEM challenge is really for older kids who are learning more advanced math. We just didn’t want to leave it out because it’s a great way for kids to learn with popcorn!

Educational Popcorn Crafts for Kids

Popcorn is a delicious and healthy snack that can be turned into a fun learning activity. Kids will enjoy learning more about how popcorn is made and all of the fun popcorn crafts that can be put together.

Educational Preschool Popcorn Crafts for Kids

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