Make Sensory Rainbow Rice

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It’s easy to make sensory rainbow rice at home. Use this sensory rice for learning, making sensory play bins, and more.

Only a few supplies are needed and you will have lots of fun learning opportunities with making your own rainbow rice.

Easy Way To Make Sensory Rainbow Rice

Sensory Rainbow Rice

How to Use Sensory Rainbow Rice

After you make sensory rainbow rice, you can use it for many different things in your homeschool.

  1. Make sensory rainbow rice to create fun crafts with the different colors of rice.
  2. Use the rainbow rice to make sensory bins. Add the rice and things like spoons, scoops, small toys, bottles, or anything else that you can find. You can use any items you want or things that you find around the house.
  3. It’s an easy back to school craft you can do with young children to get them excited for the new homeschool year.
  4. Make sensory writing trays. You can put the rice onto a large plate and let the kids practice writing the alphabet letters with their fingers.
  5. Sensory shape trays. Do the same as above but instead of writing letters, have them draw different shapes.
  6. Use the rainbow colors to make weather crafts and complete weather activities.
  7. Make sensory rainbow rice to go along with learning more about colors. You can pair the activity with some fun books about learning colors and other homeschool art curriculum resources.


  • 1 or 2 bags of brown rice
  • Ziploc sandwich bags or any type of sandwich bag that seals
  • Food coloring
  • Cookie sheet
  • parchment paper on top


Sensory Rice Instructions

Put equal amounts of rice in each of the ziplock bags. This was about 1 cup in each bag.

Add 25-30 drops of food coloring to each bag. Do one bag yellow, one blue, one red, and one green. To make the orange rice, use 20 drops of red and 20 drops of yellow.

Seal the ziplock bags and use your hands to mix the rice around until it’s colored.

Heat the oven to 220 degrees.

Pour each bag of rice onto the sheet pan with parchment paper. Use a spoon or a spatula to help keep the rice in nice piles.

Rainbow Rice Oven

We kept the colors separated so that we could do multiple projects and play ideas with the rice.

Bake the rice for about 15-20. You want the rice to be completely dry.

Let the rice cool down and then place each colored ice in an air-tight container or ziplock bag.

Tip: If the rice is stuck together a bit after baking, you can break it up with your fingers and move it around so that it separates.

Make Sensory Rainbow Rice

It’s easy to make sensory rainbow rice and you can do so many different learning activities with it.

In addition to the ideas above, here are a few of our other favorite things to do with rainbow rice.

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