Jungle Crafts for Kids – Safari Animal Craft Ideas

From little monkeys to safari animals, these jungle crafts for kids are fun and creative. As the kids create these safari animal crafts, they will work on fine motor skills, color recognition, learning a new painting technique, and more.

We love watching movies and shows about jungle animals. The Jungle Book was one of our favorite movies of all time. We also can’t forget about The Lion King!

What animals live in the jungle?

There are millions of different wild animals that live in the jungles around the world. Different countries have different types of jungles housing various animals and reptiles native to those countries.

Since there are so many different species of animals you’ll find in the jungle, we’ve narrowed the list down to a few that kids will recognize a little more.

If you’ve visited the zoo, chances are you’ve seen a few jungle animals. Many of the zoo animals are from jungles around the world.

  • Bongos (forest antelopes)
  • Hippos
  • Chimpanzees
  • Bonobos
  • Anacondas
  • Gorillas
  • Eagles
  • Otters
  • Colorful Parrots
  • Toucans
  • Great Hornbill
  • Crocodiles
  • Rhinoceros
  • Pythons
  • Elephants
  • Sloth
  • Tigers
  • Lizards
  • Lions
  • Various species of birds
  • Frogs
  • Bears
  • Bats

What kind of supplies are needed for these safari animal crafts?

These jungle crafts for toddlers use basic craft supplies. Items like tissue paper, cardboard rolls, white paper, white paint, and other simple craft materials.

There are also a few jungle and rainforest crafts that may use a free printable template which you’ll find in the instructions.

Hands-on activities and jungle crafts

Use these jungle crafts for toddlers as a fun rainy day activity or to teach them more about each of the animals. You can even use these jungle crafts for toddlers as inspiration for your next birthday theme! Have the kids make the jungle crafts as a party activity.

Jungle Crafts for Kids

1. Make an elephant family handprint picture. Kids will love using their handprints to make a family of elephants.

2. One of my favorite giraffe crafts is these standing cardboard tube giraffes.

3. Make monkey crafts like this paper plate monkey craft with just a few supplies.

4. These cardboard tube parrots are colorful and fun making them a great addition to your jungle crafts for toddlers collection.

5. Yarn lion finger puppets are easy jungle crafts for toddlers you can help them make. They’ll have fun playing with the lion craft puppets after they’ve made them too!

6. Since there are a variety of different monkey species living in the jungle, a handprint monkey craft would be fun to make. It comes with a free template to help you get started.

7. Have the kids make this cute tiger craft with felt or paper. For toddlers, I would go with construction paper and glue sticks.

8. Make an entire jungle scene with cardboard tubes or toilet paper rolls. Only a few simple materials are needed.

Safari Animal Crafts & Ideas

You can get a lot of inspiration from safari crafts and incorporate them into your jungle crafts for kids.

Safari Animal Craft Ideas

9. Kids can learn more about chameleons as they make this adorable bubble wrap chameleon craft.

10. Since many different snakes live in the jungle, this paper plate snake will be fun and is a great craft for toddlers and young children.

11. Leopards and tigers are some of the most well-known jungle dwellers. Kids can make this leopard paper plate craft.

12. I love this cute paper plate elephant with googly eyes. The little elephant is super cute!

13. Kids will have so much fun using their handprints to make safari animals with this activity. We love the zebra with its black and white stripes.

14. Love this macaw craft for younger kids. It’s a fun craft they will enjoy making.

Fun Jungle Crafts for Kids

Use these jungle crafts for kids as creative activities to go along with your lesson plans when learning about each of the animals, for parties, and more.

The jungle theme crafts will also be a great way to decorate your bulletin board!

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