Camping Activities for Kids

These camping activities for kids include a variety of different camping crafts for kids, games, printables, and more to make the camping experience even more fun.

Camping Activities for Kids + Camping Crafts

Camping Activities for Kids

Recommended Supplies for these Camping Activities for Kids

  • glue sticks
  • scissors
  • construction paper
  • crayons
  • yarn or string
  • washable paint
  • leaves, sticks, and other nature items they find
  • rocks
  • paper to print out the camping games

1. Handprint Campfire Craft

campfire craft for preschool image.jpg

Let the kids use their handprints to make this cute campfire craft. It is a construction paper craft that’s perfect for kids to do while camping or to get them excited about their camping trip.

Tip: You can also use this campfire craft to introduce them to fire safety.

2. Tic Tac Toe Board Game

tic tac toe board game 16 of 17 1

Use painted rocks and a wood slice to create a fun camping activity for kids to do. You can take the game along with you and they can play with friends and family while on the camping trip.

3. Printable S’mores Activity

smores 1080x1080.png

Have the kids put together their own s’more with this printable camping activity. Just print out the sheets and follow the directions to create their own little s’mores figure.

4. Use Nature Items to Make a Journey Stick

finished journey stick

Grab some sticks, a few leaves, and tie them together with yarn or string to create a journey stick while camping. Kids will love getting outdoors and finding different leaves, sticks, and other items to add to their camping craft.

5. Frog Life Cycle Activity

Frog Life Cycle Fold Out Activity

You’re likely to see some frogs while camping or if you go fishing which will be a great way to introduce a frog’s life cycle to them.

6. Make Flower Bookmarks

Popsicle Stick Flower Bookmark Craft

Bring a few supplies with you so the kids can make these flower bookmarks. If they like to read and have brought a book with them, they can use the bookmarks to keep track of where they left off. Have the kids make bookmarks that look like the flowers they see while camping.

We’ve made a list of a few different flower crafts that kids can make. These would be a great addition to your summer camping trip.

7. Camping Scavenger Hunt

Camping Scavenger Hunt 683x1024 1

A fun camping activity for kids is a scavenger hunt. Print out the scavenger hunt card and let the kids explore and mark off the different items or things they see while on the trip.

8. Twig Butterfly

twigbutterfly1 1

Gather some twigs and leaves that you find around the campsite to make a cute butterfly.

9. Make a Bug Hotel

Bug Hotel

Use sticks, moss, and other nature items to make a bug hotel. This one of our favorite camping activities for kids that they can make and learn with.

10. DIY Wormery

worms ready to burrow in a diy wormery

It’s no secret that kids love worms and bugs. They are interesting little things and it’s fun to see them in their nature habitat. With just a few supplies, help the kids make a wormery.

11. Colors of Nature Scavenger Hunt

Color Nature Scavenger Hunt 1 1

I love this idea from Messy Little Monsters. Have the kids use the scavenger hunt to find the different colors throughout the park or campsite. They can search for plants, flowers, rocks, and more to match the colors on the scavenger hunt wheel.

Camping Crafts for Kids

These camping activities for kids will be fun for any camping trip. They camping activities will be a fun way to explore the outdoors while the camping crafts for kids will help them use nature items to create something new and fun.

Camping Crafts and Camping Activities

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