Pill Bottle Crafts – Upcycle Old Prescription Bottles

These pill bottle crafts will allow you to upcycle those old prescription bottles you have around the house.

Empty pill containers have multiple uses, but today we want to focus on how you can craft with pill bottles. These pill bottle crafts will show you just how creative you can get when it comes to upcycling old prescription bottles.

Craft with Pill Bottles

Upcycling is a great activity to do in your homeschool. Not only will it help teach the kids about recycling and reusing, but it allows them to get creative and use their imaginations.

Empty Pill Bottle Crafts

Before you use pill bottles to make some cute pill bottle crafts, be sure to thoroughly clean the pill bottles before using them for crafts or other uses!

1. Christmas Gnomes

Use pill bottles to create some festive Christmas gnomes. Gift the gnomes as gifts or use them around the house for your holiday decorations.

2. Grinch Ornament

You can easily make a cute Grinch ornament for the holidays with this pill bottle craft.

3. Pretty Organizers

Create some pretty organizers so that you can easily store them in your purse or bag.

4. Christmas Tree Ornaments

Decorate the tree by upcycling those pill bottles to create these easy and fun Christmas tree ornaments.

5. Pill Bottle Hide-a-Key

Easy keep your outdoor spare key safe with this hide-a-key pill bottle craft.

6. Pill Bottle Lamp

Create something special for your home with this pill bottle lamp.

7. Pill Bottle Flower

Create a cute little flower with your pill container and a few other art supplies.

8. Little Halloween Monsters

Decorate for Halloween or make these when you need a fun Halloween project for the kids!

9. Pill Bottle Snowman

A cute snowman craft for the holidays, this adorable little guy is made from a pill bottle.

10. Pill Bottle Survival Kit

It’s always a safe bet to have a survival kit handy and you can easily turn a pill bottle into one.

Pill Bottle Crafts

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