Dinosaur Bingo Printable Game

If your little one loves dinosaurs, they are going to love this adorable free dinosaur bingo printable! The dinosaur bingo set comes with calling cards and cute dinosaur themed bingo cards.

Not only can you use the dinosaur bingo game for fun, but they will also work great when the kids are learning. You can use them in addition to your history or science lessons involving dinosaurs or fossils.

If you’re looking for a fun birthday party theme for kids, you can go with dinosaurs and use this as your party game. Get some fun party favors and make some creative cupcakes for kids and you have the perfect party.

Free Dinosaur Bingo Printable Game

Dinosaur Bingo

This free printable dinosaur bingo game comes with 12 dinosaur themed bingo cards. We’ve also included the calling cards to match.

Simply cut the bingo cards for the kids, cut the calling cards out, and let the kids match the pictures on their cards to what is being called.

More free and fun dinosaur activities:

Grab the free printable cards below!

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Download the dingo bingo game

Free Dinosaur Bingo Printable Game

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