Printable Dinosaur Worksheets

Check out these printable dinosaur worksheets that help with math, writing, and spelling. The set of 5 worksheets are fun and educational.

The last time we talked about dinosaurs, we were going over some fun dinosaur adventures. Those adventures were educational places like attractions and museums that you could visit to learn more about dinosaurs.

This time, instead of leaving the house, we wanted something fun the kids could do this winter. Along with some fun hands-on dinosaur activities, we will be adding these free printable dinosaur worksheets.

Dinosaur Activity Worksheets

Printable Dinosaur Worksheets

This worksheet set includes 5 different pages of activities. As children are completing the worksheets, they will be practicing and mastering some important math, writing, and alphabet skills.

What is included in this worksheet set?

  • dinosaur word search
  • finish the alphabet within the dinosaur eggs
  • dinosaur coloring page
  • read-write-trace dinosaur activity
  • color and count the dinosaurs

The hands-on activities we will be doing include:

These activities and free dinosaur worksheets should keep us busy for a bit as we learn more about these amazing creatures.

note image

Note: Green Kid Crafts is one of our favorite homeschool resources.. but they also have a dinosaur box that you can purchase on its own, without a subscription. This dinosaur box will go great with these activities!

Download the dinosaur activity worksheets here

Don’t want to print these dinosaur worksheets now? Pin the image below and save them for later. Then, you can come back to them and print the pages when you are ready.

Printable Dinosaur Worksheets - Math Spelling

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