Bulletin Boards for Fall

These bulletin boards for fall will bring a little bit of the fall season and cheer into your school room.

Plus, they are a great way for your children to get some fun fall crafting in. The kids can help make the designs for the fall bulletin boards and help put everything together.

Creative Bulletin Boards for Fall

Bulletin Boards for Fall

Having the kids help make bulletin boards for fall may not seem like much of an activity but there are so many different learning activities they will be doing.

Math, cutting practice, measuring, and so many other learning opportunities are embedded into making your own bulletin boards for fall in your homeschool.

Fall Bulletin Boards

Whooo’s Ready for Fall? A cute fall bulletin board that you can use to bring some cheer to your homeschool. I love the pumpkins and the falling leaves. The kids can help put the pumpkins together as a learning activity while creating the bulletin boards for fall!

We’re Nuts About Fall! A cute bulletin board idea for fall, this could be focused around acorns. After the bulletin board is complete, I think a fun activity or craft to do with acorns would be great! – The Kindergarten Korner

Welcome To Our Flock – Grab the free printable bulletin board letters over at Differentiated Kindergarten.

Let’s Talk Turkey! A fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving in the classroom and a good way to learn more about turkeys! See how to put it together here.


Autumn Bulletin Boards for School

What are you thankful for? A cute fall bulletin board for your homeschool. – Learn Play Discover

Such a cute idea! While this was made for Sunday school, I think it would go well in a homeschool setting too. Goldilocks and the Three Bears

An adorable fall bulletin board idea or a great way to decorate your door!

Tip: One thing that would be great to do is to put a collection of fall items in the bags. A different item for a different bag. All fall themed as you go on a nature walk or find something cool that’s fall related.

Count Your Feathers and Your Blessings. A great bulletin board for fall to remember to count your blessings. You can also use something like this as a math activity! – The Teacher Wife

Fall Bulletin Boards

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