Robot Pet Toys for Kids That Are Fun and Interactive

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Robot pet toys for kids are so much fun. They are also interactive toys that the kids can play with for hours. They make great gifts for the holidays as well as for birthdays.

Technology has become so much more advanced these days. That technology has given us plenty of robotic toys that the kids enjoy playing with and even learn with.

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Robot Pet Toys for Kids That Are Fun and Interactive

Interactive Robot Toys for Kids

These robot pets for kids are fun interactive toys that will allow them to use their imaginations as they play.

Robot Pet Puppy

This robot puppy is a fun interactive toy that kids will have a blast with.

STEM friendly, this puppy barks, sits, stands, dances to the beat, and performs tricks.

Fisca Remote Control Robotic Dog

Another fun interactive robotic dog, this remote control robot lights up and has its own unique sounds.

DIY Electronic Bull

STEM friendly and fun, this robot toy for kids will have them building the robot on their own. Once finished, they can play and let their imaginations go wild.

Robot Ball

More than just a robot toy, this robot ball will have kids learning how to program in a STEM-friendly way as they play.

Electronic Walking Dinosaur

Kids will love playing with this fun electronic pet toy. The remote control dinosaur walks, lights up, roars, and more.

Sabertooth Kitty Interactive Plush Pet Toy

A fun electronic plush toy that really shivers, kids will have fun interacting with the sabertooth kitty and trying to keep it warm.

Peek A Book Talking Bunny

The bunny has two exciting play modes that entertain. Your little one will love playing an interactive game of peek-a-boo with this talking bunny!

Walking and Barking Puppy with Remote Control Leash

This adorable puppy’s name is Toby and he comes with a remote control leash so that kids can take him for a walk.

Remote Control Chameleon Toy

This fun and colorful remote control chameleon has multi-colored lights and wiggles its tale for fun imaginative play.

Robot Pet Toys for Kids That Are Fun and Interactive

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