Monkie Kid LEGO Sets for Kids

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Monkie Kid LEGO sets are a hot holiday toy that you’ll want to start shopping for early.

The LEGO Monkie Kid series is an Amazon Kids+ original series. If you have Prime Video or Amazon Kids+, your child has probably seen the episodes. It has become pretty popular with children of all ages.

The Monkey Kid LEGO series is based on centuries-old Chinese legends. Those legends include The Monkey King and The Journey to the West.

Through his journey, Monkie Kid creates a world of heroes and villains that he faces on his adventures. Those adventures have become fun LEGO building kits. The kits will allow kids to play and have fun just like they see on the show.

Monkie Kid LEGO Sets for Kids

Monkie Kid LEGO Sets for Kids

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LEGO Building Sets for Monkie Kid

Monkie Kid The Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain

Epic tales of the legendary Monkey King come to life as children build each section of this awesome LEGO Monkie Kid Flower Fruit Mountain toy playset.

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Monkie Kid Red Son’s Inferno Jet

Children can pretend play as the heroic Monkie Kid guarding Flower Fruit Mountain against Red Son’s Inferno Jet attacks with this action-packed LEGO Monkie Kid toy playset.

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LEGO Monkey King Warrior Mech

This playset has 6 minifigures including Monkey King and Monkie Kid with The Golden Staff, a buildable cloud with a display stand, and a Flower Fruit Mountain mini build to recreate an iconic Monkie Kid scene

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Monkie Kid’s Team Secret HQ

There are surprises galore inside this LEGO Monkie Kid’s Team Secret HQ model for children, which opens out and can be divided into three for easy access to the workshop, living area, a posable mech, and more.

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Monkie Kid LEGO Building Sets

Monkie Kid’s Lion Guardian

Children become the heroes in their own thrilling adventures with this LEGO Monkie Kid Lion Guardian mech toy, Spider Queen battle rig, posable robotic spider, and buildable arcade.

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Monkie Kid Spider Queen’s Arachnoid Base

Includes 6 toy minifigures – Spider Queen, Syntax, Monkie Kid, Pigsy, Monkey King, and a civilian – plus weapons and accessories including The Golden Staff, which converts into a flyer for Monkie Kid

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B094S4T7RV&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=budgetfriendlyfamily 20&language=en USir?t=budgetfriendlyfamily 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B094S4T7RV

Monkie Kid’s Cloud Jet

Battle for The Golden Staff and save civilian Ai from Red Son and the Bull Clones. The set features a cool, buildable aircraft toy that also launches a built-in speed bike

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LEGO Monkie Kid: Demon Bull King

Encourage your youngster to build and become a brave hero like Monkie Kid. They will enjoy battling against the odds with this LEGO Monkie Kid playset. The set includes a huge, highly detailed, posable, Demon Bull King model.

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Monkie Kid LEGO Sets for Kids

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