Minimalist Gifts for Kids They Will Love

Are you hunting down some minimalist gifts for kids or clutter free gifts that won’t leave you with a cluttered home after the holidays or special occasions?

When we moved to a smaller house, closer to family, we decided it was time to scale things back a bit. We went from a 2 story 4 bedroom home with a large kitchen, dining room, extra room, and basement to a smaller single-story 3 bedroom home. No basement but we do have a small outdoor shed.

That was quite an adjustment! We wanted to bring everything we could but we knew some of it wouldn’t fit in our new space. We had to cut back on EVERYTHING and you know what, it has been the best thing for our family.

There is no clutter. There is no “throw all space” that we need to check off on our spring cleaning checklist. No closet full of “I don’t know what to do with these” items. No basement that is full of items that just take up space. It’s simple, clutter-free, and cozy. Everyone has adjusted pretty well.

Looking to go clutter-free? Check out these tips for decluttering your home.

Minimalist Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Since we are now more minimalist than we have ever been, I wanted to share some of my favorite minimalist gifts for kids.

Minimalist Gifts for Kids

Benefits of giving kids minimalist gifts

  • Minimalist gifts for kids often encourage creativity, independent play, and the use of their imagination.
  • Some are gifts that can be easily passed on to the next child or can be donated or re-gifted once they have outgrown them. .
  • Minimalist gifts for kids help keep the clutter down and keep the house tidy.
  • They can be less expensive which means you won’t have to break the bank buying gifts.

Some minimalist families also like to stay away from noisemakers. For instance, toys that have a ton of sounds, robot pets, or those that play songs.

Minimalist Gifts for Kids

These gifts are minimal-ish. They are gifts that will help encourage creativity, take up less space, and are affordable.

LEGO Sets – Building Sets

I am a huge fan of LEGO sets when it comes to gifts for kids. Not only will they be using their imaginations to build, but LEGOs are a quiet toy. You can easily store them away in a tote that doesn’t take up much space.

A few fun LEGO gift ideas:

Plus, LEGO toys can be played with for years. From young children all the way up to adults. If your child decides they no longer have an interest in LEGO blocks, simply donate them!

Board Games

Board games are fun. It is fun to sit around with the family and play a board game once a week. It creates lots of memories and you can store them away without taking up much space.

We enjoy having a family game night once a week. We’ve also made it a tradition to play a board game on Christmas Eve, along with some other Christmas activities.


When the kids were younger, they loved playing with Magna-Tiles and it was really to watch them build with the magnetic tiles. Not only did our kids love them, but many of their friends and our other family members enjoyed them too.

Once the kids grew up and didn’t have much interest in them, we handed them down to the younger family members who would enjoy them.

Craft Kits & Art Supplies

Every year the kids would get at least one craft kit or educational experiment kit for the holidays. They loved making the crafts and doing the experiments and they were often learning as they did them.

Books & Journals

Books and journals always make great gifts for kids. Journals are a great way to help kids practice their writing and books can help them learn and gain knowledge.

As adults, many of us still write in journals because it is therapeutic. As the kids are growing up, writing in a journal can help them with so many things as they write their emotions out on paper.

Things They Actually Need

I know it is boring to get clothes and other needed things as gifts but sometimes, they may want something specific. Like a new backpack or a new shirt with their favorite character on it. Some kids may even want a whole outfit or look they have seen on t.v. or online. Go ahead and get it!

These kinds of gifts are always welcome because they are something they will actually use! This year, our daughter wants novelty socks and some shirts with a character on them. It has now become a new family tradition to get everyone a “cool” new pair of socks each year.

Minimalist gifts for kids are worth it!

What I love about minimalist gifts is that they don’t take up much space. Some do, but the ones that do, don’t need a lot of space.

There are so many benefits to getting kids minimal-ish gifts and they will be put to good use instead of into storage.

Minimalist Gifts for Kids

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