Simple Egg Salad Recipes Easy & Delicious

If you love a good egg salad sandwich, you are going to love these simple egg salad recipes. Made from scratch, easy, and tasty, these unique egg salad recipes are perfect for summer.

Simple egg salad recipes can also be unique recipes. It is all about how you jazz up your simple egg salad recipes and additional ingredients you include.

If you like egg salad, you are going to love these delicious and simple egg salad recipes. They are full of flavor and easy to make.

More flavorful egg recipes:

Egg Salad Recipes Easy

How to Jazz up Egg Salad

You can do a variety of different things to jazz up egg salad. It’s all about your preferences and adding herbs and ingredients you love to create a magical egg salad sandwich for lunch, dinner, or a snack.

  • Add some sweet gherkins, relish, or sweet jalapenos chopped into small chunks or tiny bits to your egg salad recipe.
  • Throw in some meats like tuna, bacon, or ham to mix up your simple egg salad recipes. Veggies like avocados can be used as well.
  • Horseradish or hot sauce can give your egg salad a bit of kick.
  • Fresh herbs like cilantro, dill, or green onions can help your egg salad stand out.
  • Spices like spicy mustard, seasoning salt, cayenne, old bay seasoning, or celery salt can be added.
  • For some extra tang, add in some green olives to your simple egg salad recipes.
  • Use flavored condiments such as flavored mayo, Dijon mustard, ranch, or spicy brown mustard.
  • Some add Worcestershire sauce to add some flavor.
  • For those who don’t care for mayo, sometimes cream cheese or sour cream is substituted or mixed in.
  • Make it cheesy.

Have you given your simple egg salad recipes some flavor with any of the above? Do you have a favorite?

Simple Egg Salad Recipes To Try

Simple Egg Salad Recipes Easy

Tomato Basil Egg Salad Sandwich from Hot Eats & Cool Reads. Tomato and basil bring a whole new level of flavor to egg salad sandwiches.

Jalapeno Cheddar Egg Salad from Will Cook for Smiles. Jalapeno and cheddar make these egg salad sandwiches worth trying.

Buffalo Egg Salad from Slow the Cook Down. Add a little spice to your lunch with this buffalo style egg salad.

Healthy Avocado Egg Salad from Jar of Lemons. A quick and easy egg salad that’s made in just 10 minutes!

Truffle Egg Salad from Burrata and Bubbles. Made with a truffle mayo and fresh herbs, this egg salad recipe is unique and delicious.

Keto Egg Salad with Bacon from Cook at Home Mom. Keto friendly and easy to make, this egg salad with bacon will make the perfect lunch.

Ham and Egg Salad with Avocado from Babaganosh. Adding a bit of ham chunks to your egg salad will make a unique twist on a classic recipe.

Ginger Egg Salad Recipe from Natalie’s Health. A creamy egg salad recipe that’s full of fresh ginger flavor.

Shrimp Egg Salad from Will Cook for Smiles. Nothing says summer like shrimp and egg salad. Combine the two and you have the perfect summer lunch.

Easy Egg Salad Recipes Worth Trying

These easy egg salad recipes are unique and worth trying. Make them for lunch, at summer parties, or when you want a quick snack.

Simple Egg Salad Recipes

Greek Tzatziki Egg Salad from Make the Best of Everything. Tzatziki sauce is no longer just used for gyros, use it in your egg salad for a delicious and unique egg salad sandwich.

Creamy Egg Salad from Small Town Woman. A creamy egg salad makes the perfect sandwich and this recipe is easy to make.

Tuna Egg salad from Low Carb Yum. We have yet to try tuna egg salad but sine our tuna cucumber boats went over so well, tuna egg salad sandwiches are on our list to try.

German Egg and Apple Salad from My Dinner. Who knew apples and eggs worked so well together?!

Herbed Avocado Egg Salad from Wholly Tasteful. Creamy and keto-friendly, this herbed avocado egg salad will make a delicious lunch sandwich.

Bacon Egg Salad Recipe with Creamy Honey Mustard Dressing from An Edible Mosaic. Mixed with a creamy honey mustard dressing, this unique egg salad recipe is full of flavor.

Smoked Salmon Egg Salad Sandwiches from NeighborFood. Tucked inside of this egg salad recipe is smoked salmon.

Easy Egg Salad from Budget Delicious. Easy to make, this is probably one of the most simple egg salad recipes you’ll find.

Dill Pickle Egg Salad Dip from 365 Days of Baking & More. Instead of enjoying your unique egg salad recipe on bread, use it as a dip instead!

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