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Best Magazines for Kids

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When it comes to learning, magazines for kids are a great way for them to learn more about things that interest them.

Magazines contain a ton of different information. They often have different games and exciting things for them to learn or try.

But there are so many different educational magazines for kids out there that it can be hard to choose just a few. That’s why we wanted to focus on some of the best magazines for kids.

best magazines for kids

So, we went on the hunt for some educational magazines that would keep their interest and help them learn some cool information along the way. We do use a few of these for our homeschool.

Benefits of Magazines for Kids

There are plenty of benefits to having kids check out magazines. Lots of learning opportunities and fun activities are just a couple of benefits.

  • Use them to get ideas for upcoming lessons. The kids may find something that they want to learn more about. Turn those subjects into a unit study or find a way to incorporate that topic into your homeschool learning.
  • Magazines will promote reading skills.
  • Kids reading magazines can help them build vocabulary and spelling skills.
  • The activities inside the educational magazines can help kids with their writing and critical thinking skills.
Educational Kids Magazines

Fun and Educational Kids Magazines

Let’s go over some of the magazines for kids that are available. Kids will love flipping through the pages, reading the interesting articles, and having fun with the activities inside these educational magazines for kids.

1. Highlights


Probably one of the most well-known magazines for kids, Highlights has been around for ages. Kids will get to explore new topics and learn about new subjects. It’s full of different activities, puzzles, facts, educational experiments, crafts, and so much more.

2. National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids

With each issue of National Geographic Kids, they will get to learn more about different animals, science, technology, and more. The magazine features beautiful images of the animals, facts that they may or may not have known, games, and puzzles. Ages 6 and up.

3. Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine

si kids

Each issue of Sports Illustrated Kids, features a ton of different things sports-related that kids will relate to. The magazine breaks down the complicated world of sports into something more that they can understand. Kids can learn more about their favorite players, learn how to be healthier, learn different fitness activities, the positive aspects of sports, and more.

4. Ask Magazine

Ask Magazine

Ask magazine is full of interesting information for kids and focuses on arts and science. With recurring characters and the chance to learn to do experiments, crafts, cooking, and other activities. Challenging puzzles, learning how to do tricks, and games are also in each subscription. Ages 7-10.

5. Girls’ World Magazine

girls world magazine

Girl’s World is focused on helping girls navigate school, life, friendship, and more. There are some fun aspects and kids will love the celebrity scoop, quizzes, stories, and various crafts and activities. The magazine likes to inspire girls and help them be proud of who they are becoming as they navigate getting older. Ages 6-12.

6. Cobblestone Magazine

Cobblestone Magazine

Cobblestone Magazine is all about American history. Through the magazine, kids will get to learn about different historic events, historic places, and historic people. Ages 9-14.

7. Jack and Jill

jack and jill magazine

Jack and Jill was always a favorite in our house. Each issue of Jack and Jill is full of interesting articles on real-world topics and experimental crafts and recipes for kids. There are challenging games and puzzles included in each issue the kids can complete.

8. TIME for Kids

Time for Kids

Time for Kids features real-world events and news. It provides a wide range of information on things kids are curious about and can help spark interest while helping develop critical reading skills. Ages 8 and up.

9. Humpty Dumpty

HD0322C01 271x350 1

Humpty Dumpty promotes children’s physical, educational, and creative growth. This is all done by providing kids with easy-to-read stories and poems; fun games, puzzles, and other learning activities. For children ages 2-6

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