Summer Bingo Free Printable Game

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Get ready for some fun in the sun with this summer bingo free printable! This free printable summer bingo is a fun activity for kids to do throughout the summer months.

Bingo is not only a fun game for kids to play, but it is also educational! It can help children recognize different objects, colors, and more. As they listen and see which images are called, they will search for the image on the bingo card.

For this free summer bingo printable, the kids can learn more about the summer theme and things they may see throughout the warm season.

Summer Bingo Free Printable Game

Summer Bingo Makes a Fun Party Game!

It’s true! If you have a party or celebration set up for the kids, this summer bingo free printable can be used as a fun game or activity. The kids will have a blast as they see who can get the first bingo and they will enjoy the prizes.

Bingo Essentials That Are Kid Friendly

In order to play bingo, we recommend that you use some kid-friendly daubers or chips. These will help children easily keep track of the called bingo spaces and helps with having less confusion. You can generally find these at any toy or department store.

They’re also available online, these are a couple of our favorites:

You can also have some candy or toys on hand for prizes. Toys like fidget toys are perfect for prizes because they are small and fun. Kids love to fidget and collect the small toys to play with.

What does this Summer Bingo Printable Include:

With this free summer bingo, you get 10 different bingo cards. The bingo cards are large so that young kids can easily see the images. Think full page bingo cards.

You also get the calling cards to go with the game. The calling cards are 6 to a page. All you have to do is print the pages and cut the calling cards around the dotted line. Then, you can hold them up as they are called and the kids can match the image with what is on their bingo cards.

How To Make These Summer Bingo Cards Reusable

Laminating the bingo cards and calling cards can make them last so that you can use them over and over again. Once you laminate the bingo cards, they will be protected from sticky hands.

After they have been laminated, you can use them throughout the summer or year after year if you have different aged children.

If you run a daycare or classroom, laminating the summer bingo free printable set will be an easy way to reuse them.

Ready to print the summer bingo free printable? Included below is a link that will bring up the PDF file. All you need to do is print the PDF version of the summer bingo free printable and you will have the cards ready to go.

Summer Bingo Free Printable Game

or Downloand the free Printable

P.S. If you are looking for a reading bingo game, we loved this one from The kids had a blast playing the reading bingo game.

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