Halloween Cookies That Are Adorable

These adorable and fun Halloween cookies are perfect for your upcoming Halloween celebrations.

You will find a variety of different fun and spooky cookie treats that you can serve for parties, school functions, or as a fun Halloween treat to enjoy. The best thing about these is that they are super easy to make!

Spooky Fun Cookies for Halloween

Fun Halloween Cookies

Nutter Butter Mummies from Bake It With Love. Kids will love these adorable Nutter Butter cookies for Halloween that are all dressed up like mummies!

Gluten Free Chocolate Mummy Cookies from Blondish. These fun mummy cookies for Halloween are easy to make and delicious.

Zombie Eye Cookies from Hello Wonderful. We are loving these adorable zombie eye cookies for Halloween!

Halloween Pinwheel Cookies from Urban Bliss Life. Simple, colorful, and fun for Halloween!

Witch Finger Cookies from Messy Momma Crafts. The kiddos will definitely love these fun witch finger cookies!

Halloween Sugar Cookie Bars from House of Nash Eats. Super easy to make and fun, these sugar cookies bars are perfect for your Halloween celebrations.

Creative Halloween Cookies To Make

Halloween Cookies

Chocolate Madeleine Mummies. Adorable! These chocolate madeleine mummy cookies are fun for Halloween.

Jack Skellington Chocolate Covered Oreos. Jack Skellington themed cookies have become a favorite for Halloween. These are made with chocolate covered Oreos for an easy Halloween cookie idea.

Cut Out Cookies. Add some orange, black, and green sprinkles to your shaped Halloween cookies and you have something magical.

Halloween Candy Cookie Bars. Sweet and easy to make, kids and adults will love these candy bar cookies for Halloween.

Monster Cookies. These remind me of the crinkle cut treats and have been decorated for Halloween.

Chocolate Halloween Cookies. Homemade chocolate cookies are decorated with sprinkles and and monster eyes.

Peanut Butter Spider Cookies. Peanut butter cookies are topped with icing that looks that a spider.

Haystack Cookies. Haystacks are always a hit with kids and we love these Halloween themed haystacks! Friends and family will certainly enjoy these creative Halloween cookies.

Easy Cookies for Halloween

Spooky Fun Halloween Cookies

Pumpkin Butter Filled Jack O’Lantern Sandwich Cookies from Baker’s Table. Adorable and sweet, these pumpkin butter filled sandwich cookies will be a hit.

Mummy Cookies on a Stick from Amanda’s Cookin. Quick, easy, with a touch of spooky, these mummy cookies come together with only 4 ingredients. These Halloween cookies will be a cute party dessert to serve.

Ghost Sandwich Cookies from My Happy Bakes. These ghost sandwich cookies are an adorable cookie treat for spooky parties!

Skeleton Cookies from Sparkles to Sprinkles. Shaped and decorated to look like skeletons, these Halloween cookies are easy to make and fun.

Black Cat Sugar Cookies from Entertaining Diva. Kids and adults will love these easy and fun black cat sugar cookies.

Mummy Macarons with Maple Cinnamon Filling from What the Fork. Full of flavor, these mummy macarons have a maple cinnamon filling worth enjoying.

Decorated Pumpkin Cookies from A Mummy Too. Super easy to make and fun, these Haloween cookies, or decorated pumpkin cookies, are delicious.

Witch Hat Cookies from Boulder Locavore. An EASY Halloween cookie recipe that delivers on the fun factor! Perfect for a Halloween party and no baking is required!

Oreo Spider Web Cookies from Lane and Grey Fare. These Spiderweb Cookies are the easiest treat you’ll ever make for a spooky fun party or for a snack! The best part is, these Halloween “Oreos” are gluten free, nut free, egg free, and can easily be vegan!

For Halloween parties, check out these other goodies we have shared:

If you are gearing up for an adult Halloween party, be sure to bring some fun Halloween cocktails too!

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