Halloween Squishmallows You Should Be Collecting

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Check out these most popular and newest Halloween Squishmallows that both kids and adults are collecting this year!

With Halloween just around the corner, now is the time to grab these up and add them to your Squishmallows Squad. If you haven’t already!

These Squishmallows are just too adorable not to have in your Squishmallows Halloween collection!

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Halloween Squishmallows

Halloween Squishmallows You Should Be Collecting

Calio Black Cat with Witch Hat

Meet Calio the Cat! Calio is wearing a cute hat just for Halloween and is carrying her pumpkin pale for her special treats. 10-inch.

Zelina: The Day of Dead Black Cat

Celebrate Día de los Muertos with Zelina the Day of the Dead Black Cat! Just in time for Halloween, Zelina is a 12-inch Squishmallows plush that kids will love.

Benny – Halloween Squad

You can’t help but love Benny and his cute candy corn headband! Benny is part of the 2022 Halloween Squishmallows Squad is one that should be added to your collection.

Delindy – Orange Pumpkin Spice Latte

Delindy loves music and is one of the most popular fall/Halloween Squashmallows. She’s cute, super sweet, and fun to snuggle with. 14-inch.

Minnie Mouse Witch

Disney and Squishmallows have paired up to bring you Minnie Mouse Witch! You won’t want to miss out on adding this to your Disney Halloween Squad! 8-inch

Felize The Ghost

Felize the Ghost is more cuddly than he is spooky which makes him the perfect Halloween Squishmallows! 10-inch

Tally The Cat Vampire

Tally is dressed up in her vampire costume and is ready to join the Halloween Squishmallows Squad! 8-inch

Reginald The Corgi Devil Dog

Meet Reginald the Corgi! Reginald is a fun Halloween Squishmallow that’s all dressed up in his devil costume!

Riba The Pumpkin

Love, play, cuddle and squeeze Riba the Pumpkin this Halloween! Riba is sporting her favorite Halloween hat! 10-inch

Johanna The Witches Brew

Meet Johanna the Witches Brew! She has her own style and personality for Halloween to help encourage fun and imaginative play! 10-inch

Winston The Mummy Owl

Winston has turned into a mummy owl with this exclusive Squishmallow! He is ready for Halloween in his mummy costume! 8-inch

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