Uses for Pill Bottles – How To Reuse Pill Bottles

If you have some leftover prescription pill bottles around, here are some uses for pill bottles that will allow you to make use of them.

These uses for pill bottles can help you in a variety of different ways. So, before you pitch those pill bottles, take a look at these ways to reuse pill bottles. We’ve also included some other ways to use them and ideas on things you can do with them.

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What to do with old pill bottles

Uses for Pill Bottles

1. Use them for Cash Gifts

Print out a cute little cash gift label and use them to give as gifts. Dollars and change can be placed inside the bottles and your gift recipient will think of how creative it is.

2. Spare Key Holder

Use the bottles to hold spare keys for functional uses for pill bottles. This is great for when you want to hide a key outdoors so that someone can easily get to it if needed.

The plastic will protect the keys from weather and other elements. To make sure it stays in place and is still hidden, you can glue it to the bottom of a rock, planter, or other outdoor decorations.

3. Keep Small Office Items Inside

For the office, this is one of the best uses for pill bottles. It’s easy to lose push pins, paper clips, and other small office supplies.

To keep them tidy and in one place, put them into empty pill bottles. You can even add a label to the bottles so you know exactly what’s in them. Store them in drawers.

4. Storing Hair and Jewelry Accessories

Similar to the office items trick, this is another one of the best uses for pill bottles. Pill bottles are the perfect size for storing your hair and jewelry accessories. Items like bobby pins, Q-tips, hair ties, earrings, and other small accessories you don’t want to lose.

5. Uses for Pill Bottles: Store Seeds

If you have some leftover flower or garden seeds you don’t know what to do with, store them in a pill container. This will keep them sealed and then you can plant them in the garden next year. These smaller items are perfect for empty pill bottles and make a great way to reuse old prescription medicine bottles.

6. Donate Them

Check with your local vet office, non profit organizations, teachers, or crafting groups to see if they would be interested in using them. Some homeless shelters, local pet shelters, or ministries will even take them and can find various uses for pill bottles.

7. Store Crafting Items

Just like you can use them to store hair accessories and office supplies, they’re perfect for storing your crafting items. Buttons, beads, sewing needles, diamonds for diamond painting, and others can be easily stored and organized. If you are traveling, you can create your own little portable sewing kit to take with you.

This is one of the main uses for pill containers in our homeschool. It helps us easily stay organized and mess-free with our crafting supplies.

8. Hardware Storage

Put those old pill bottles to use by using them for hardware storage. Nails, nuts, bolts, screws, and other small hardware items can be placed inside. They also work great for outdoor sports like fishing. Keep your hooks and sinkers in them so you can easily take them anywhere.

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9. Store Travel Products

Travel size products at the store can get expensive. When traveling or camping, use the empty pill bottles to store things like shampoos, matches, lotions, vitamins, laundry soap, etc. You can also use them to take spices, sweeteners, and other ingredients wherever you go.

10. Loose Change Holders

Loose change doesn’t have to be scattered around the house. Empty bottles for pills are perfect for storing loose change, especially quarters. Use them at the laundry mat. The change will be nice and neat and you can easily keep track of the quarters at the laundry mat.

11. Collecting Items

Taking a trip to the beach or looking for small rocks? Use an empty pill box to store neat looking rocks or keepsakes you find during your travels. For instance, a few years ago we went to the beach and ended up at a gift shop where the kids saw some shark teeth and seashells. We stored them in the bottles so that the kids wouldn’t lose them.

12. Use to Water Plants

Talk about brilliant ways to reuse medicine bottles! Poke a few small holes in the bottom of the containers and place them in the dirt of your potted plants. When it comes time to water, pour the water into the containers and your potted plant will love you.

13. Make Mini Ice Packs

Clean them, add water, and place them in the freezer to make mini ice packs. You can use the ice packs in your lunch bag or for injuries like sprained or rolled ankles when you need to bring the swelling down.

14. Recycle Them

If you can’t find any uses for pill bottles or ways to reuse old prescription bottles, you can always recycle them with the rest of your plastics.

Uses for Pill Bottles

Get creative when you are thinking about uses for pill bottles. You never know what clever idea you my come up with.

How To Reuse Pill Bottles

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