Halloween Party Foods & Spooky Halloween Appetizers

Add some fun to your party with these delicious and easy Halloween party foods and appetizers! These party foods for Halloween make the perfect snack for everyone to enjoy.

When it comes to Halloween party foods, having a selection of sweet and salty can make for great Halloween appetizers.

Luckily, we’ve gathered a few fun party appetizers and party food for Halloween that are a mix of sweet Halloween treats and savory appetizers that everyone can enjoy.

Halloween Party Foods

Easy Halloween Party Foods

1. Pumpkin Dip – Pumpkin dip is one of the easiest Halloween party foods to make and it serves a lot of people.

2. Halloween Spiced Chex Mix – Set this tasty Halloween pumpkin spiced Chex Mix out for the guests to dig into and you won’t regret it!

3. Mummy Meatballs – Delicious meatballs are wrapped in strips of crescent rolls to make them look like mummies.

4. Monster Rice Krispie Treat Balls – Adorable is all we can say! These cute monster rice krispie treats will make some delicious party foods for Halloween.

5. Bone Breadsticks – Make your table a little spookier with these delicious Halloween bone breadsticks!

6. Halloween Dunkaroo Dip – Homemade Dunkaroo dip is turned into a fun themed Halloween party food everyone will enjoy.

7. Spooky Halloween Tortilla Chips – Serve these Halloween tortilla chips with your favorite dip and you have the perfect Halloween party appetizer.

8. Halloween Charcuterie Board – Make a spread of goodies with this Halloween inspired charcuterie board.

9. Pumpkin Cheese Ball – A party isn’t a party without a cheese ball and this pumpkin themed appetizer is perfect for Halloween parties.

10. Monster Veggie Tray – Serve up some healthy veggies to your guests with these fun monster veggie trays.

Spooky Halloween Appetizers

Halloween Party Foods

11. 7 Layer Halloween Taco Dip – A delicious and easy Halloween appetizer or party food that you can serve with chips or crackers.

12. Keto Spider Web Deviled Eggs – It’s not a party without a platter of deviled eggs and these are all dressed up for Halloween.

13. Witches Fingers & Edible Eyeballs – Not only will the kids enjoy this spooky Halloween appetizer, but adults will to!

14. Pepperoni Skull Cheese Ball – Shaped like a skull, this cheese ball is sure to be a hit with Halloween party guests!

15. Mummy Jalapeno Poppers – Easy to make and fun for Halloween, these jalapeno poppers are wrapped like mummies for a fun Halloween party snack.

16. Halloween Chex Mix – No party spread is complete without some delicious Chex mix! Add some fun to your Halloween party with this easy Halloween Chex mix.

17. Frankenstein Guacamole – Delicious, fun, and easy to make, this Frankenstein guacamole will be perfect for your upcoming Halloween party.

18. Air Fryer Mummy Dogs – If you want cute Halloween party foods for your party, these mummy dogs are sure to be a hit!

19. Spooky Spider Halloween Eggs – Add some fun to your Halloween party with these spooky spider deviled eggs.

20. Halloween Snack Board – If you want to serve an easy snack board for Halloween, this is a great way to do so.

Spooky Halloween Appetizers

Sweet Halloween Party Foods

21. Halloween Pop Tarts – Homemade, delicious, and easy to make, these cute Halloween party snacks will be a hit with kids and young adults.

22. Banana Monster Treats – These Halloween banana pops are covered in goodness and still make a healthy addition to your cute Halloween party foods.

23. Halloween Dunkaroo Dip – One of our favorite cute Halloween party foods! This Halloween Dunkaroo dip is easy to make, sweet, and delicious.

24. Halloween Rocky Road – A sweet Halloween party dessert that guests are sure to love, this Halloween rocky road recipe is easy to make.

25. Cookie Candy Corn Bark – Colorful, fun, and full of flavor, this cookie candy corn bark is a Halloween treat everyone can enjoy.

26. Frozen Pumpkin Yogurt – An easy snack that kids and adults can enjoy, these frozen yogurt snacks combine pumpkin and yogurt flavors.

27. Halloween Sugar Cookie Pizza – A fun and delicious sweet treat for your Halloween party! This sugar cookie pizza is all dressed up for Halloween.

28. Strawberry Halloween Monsters. Cute, adorable, and fun, these strawberry Halloween monsters will be a hit with the kids.

29. Candied Mummy Apples. These candy apples for Halloween are perfect for parties!


May your party be spooky and fun while you enjoy these tasty Halloween party treats and delicious snacks!

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