Paper Plate Spider Craft for Kids Create a Fun Rockin Spider

The kids will love making this cute googly-eyed paper plate spider craft! It is a fun spider craft for kids that can be used for Halloween or just for fun throughout the year.

It’s also a super cheap activity that the kids can do. You may already have most of the supplies on hand and what you don’t have can be purchased at your local dollar store!

During the holidays we love doing themed crafts and other activities. Halloween is a great holiday for the kids to get creative and to come up with some spooky designs.

We love making this spider craft for Halloween and we always enjoy playing a fun game of Halloween bingo afterward.

Rockin’ Spider Craft for Kids

Rockin' Spider Craft for Kids

Paper Plate Spider Craft for Kids

This is a super simple paper plate spider craft that will be great for preschool or young children. You only need a few supplies, which you can get pretty cheap at the Dollar Tree or Dollar Store.

The craft also works well for Halloween parties. If you plan on hosting a fun Halloween party with some activities for the kids, this rockin’ spider will be the perfect activity. Afterward, the kids can take it home as a souvenir.

Spider Craft Made with Paper Plate

Supplies Needed:

  • Paper plate
  • Black paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Black pipe cleaners
  • Red googly eyes (you can find a variety mix here)
  • Glue
Spider Craft Made with Paper Plate

How to Make the Paper Plate Spider:

Start off by painting the paper plate black and allow it to dry completely. You only have to paint one side since we will be folding it. We chose to paint the bottom so that it poofed out a little more once we folded it.

Once it has completely dried, fold the plate in half.

Twist four black pipe cleaners together in the middle, then spread the ends apart to create legs.

Glue the center of the leg bundle inside the fold of the paper plate.

Bend the pipe cleaners to create zig-zags. Now that we have the legs and body made for the spider, we need to attach the eyes.

Glue several red googly eyes to the front of the spider.

To make the spider rock:

Make the Paper Plate Spider Craft for Kids. Set the spider upright on the ends of the paper plate. Push down one side of the plate with your finger to make the spider rock.

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Paper Plate Spider Craft for Kids Create a Fun Rockin' Spider

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