Used Homeschool Books: Where To Buy Used Curriculum

Used homeschool books and used curriculum can be a great way to save money for the year. But where do you find them?

Depending on your style of homeschooling, it can get expensive. One of the most expensive aspects of that is the books and curriculum materials. Trust me, it can get costly. If you do any kind of research at all on these two topics, you’ll find that some curriculum can cost hundreds of dollars.

We don’t like spending that much on curriculum if we don’t have to. We like to be thrifty and save as much as we can on everything so that we can put that towards more learning opportunities. Like field trips and experiences that are both fun and educational.

Used Homeschool Books: Where To Buy Used Curriculum

In order to save a little extra money, we will often purchase used homeschool books and materials.

Wondering where to start with buying used homeschool books? We’ve put together a collection of places to buy used curriculum and used homeschool books to help you get started.

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1. offers a lot of books at deeply discounted prices. However, when we checked, there weren’t many curriculums available. They seem to go extremely fast when offered. may be a good option if you can plan ahead and catch the used homeschool curriculum before it sells out. If you just want to add some books to your collection or don’t want a specific curriculum, is great. You can find some really good deals on books making it worth mentioning here.

2. PaperBack Swap

PaperBack Swap has been around for years and seems to be a popular choice for discounted books. It’s a community of other book lovers that use the site to swap used books. After a trade, the receiving member will mark received and you will get credits that you can use to get books from other members.

3. Homeschool Classifieds

Homeschool Classifieds is one of the largest sites for used homeschool curriculum and materials. It’s also a popular way to to share about your homeschool groups, activities, and events.

We don’t particularly use Homeschool Classifieds and there are a few reasons why. 1) The site design is much older so it can be a little hard to navigate. 2) It’s set up similar to Craigslist and you have to reach out to each individual buyer to set up the deal. You can’t just purchase the book you want right then which is what I prefer. We have made a few new homeschool friends by doing this though.

4. Facebook Groups

Facebook is a huge platform that millions of people use everyday and there are some great groups for homeschoolers. Many of them are to buy and sell curriculum. With most of the groups, members will offer discounted prices on their used homeschool books or curriculum and you will pay the cost plus shipping.

If you use Facebook, I highly recommend searching for some of the homeschool groups. Be sure to like Happiness and Homeschool on Facebook too!

You can find some great groups for support, helpful information, and even free educational printables. If you join our free printable group, you can get all kinds of educational material we find and share!

5. Local Homeschool Groups

Check around your county, city, or state to see if there are any local homeschool groups. These groups are great because you can often find events, trips, used homeschool curriculum, and more. You may even be able to score some good freebies or find some new homeschool families to get to know.

6. Amazon

You may not think of Amazon as the place to purchased used homeschool books, but it’s a good little hidden gem. When you search for homeschool curriculum or books, there is an option to see the used listings. Those are often discounted much more than purchasing them new and you can get some good deals.

When you find what you are looking for, simply purchase, and get ready to receive your products just like you would with anything else on Amazon.

Finding used homeschool books and curriculum has become easier and easier over the years. Luckily, we have a lot of tools at our fingertips that we can use to find used homeschool books and curriculum.

Used Homeschool Books: Where To Buy Used Curriculum

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