Cursive Writing Practice Printables – Free Cursive Worksheets

Grab these free cursive writing practice printables to help your child learn a valuable skill that many don’t teach anymore.

Cursive writing seems to be something many overlook when it comes to homeschooling. Some believe that it’s not a skill that kids need to learn, some believe it is.

I know that public schools quit teaching it simply because everything was going more toward technology. There wasn’t enough time in a public school day to teach cursive, so they focused more on typing and computer skills. – NEA Today

While computer skills and typing are very important these days, I’ve always thought cursive was an important skill to learn.

Benefits of Kids Learning Cursive

There are plenty of benefits to teaching kids cursive but I want to list a few of my favorites and most important ones.

  1. Historical documents are written in cursive. If children learn to read and write cursive, they will be able to understand what these documents say. This will provide more learning and interest in our history.
  2. It’s quicker. Some students learn better by writing the information down. Writing in cursive will allow them to jot down notes and thoughts quickly.
  3. Signatures. I know many will argue that signatures are going digital but for legal documents, it’s still important.

Printable Cursive Chart

cursive chart cursive writing practice

In addition to the free cursive writing practice worksheets, I’ve made some cursive charts that you can print and hang up. Since we are limited on our homeschool space, I made the cursive chart 11×8.5 in.

This will allow you to easily place them on the fridge, wall, desk, etc. You can also laminate the cursive chart pages and set them in front of the kids as they practice and learn.

Free Cursive Writing Practice Worksheets

Grab the 26 free cursive writing practice worksheets and the cursive charts below!

The packet includes all 26 letters. Each page has one letter and features tracing practice for uppercase and lowercase letters.

Free Cursive Worksheets

Once children learn cursive writing and master it, you can have them use the handwriting skill in responding to journal prompts.

Download the cursive writing letters here.

Download the cursive chart here.

What are your thoughts? Do you think cursive writing practice is still important?

Since this seems to be a topic that many are torn between, I’d love to know what you think.

Is cursive writing still important for kids to learn? Is it still something that you teach?

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