Creative Ways to Give Money

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Looking for some fun and creative ways to give money for Christmas or special occasions? We’ve got you covered!

Who doesn’t love cash when it comes to gifts? Cash is sometimes the best present. Giving cash allows your gift recipient to get whatever they want for Christmas. They can use that money to go towards anything they want and you don’t have to worry about getting something they won’t enjoy.

While we can simply give a card with cash inside of it for the holidays, it’s fun to mix it up and do something creative. Your gift recipient will love these gift ideas with money!

Creative Ways to Give Money for Christmas & Gift Ideas with Money

Creative Ways to Give Money for Christmas

1. Make a Money Lei – Fun Gift Idea with Money

Love this idea from Lil Luna. Not only does this work for Christmas, but it would be a creative way to give cash for other occasions.

Make a Money Lei

2. Make it Scavenger Hunt

This is fun, especially for kids. To set this up all you need are a few Christmas cards, some clever holiday clues, and cash. In your holiday card, write a clue that will lead them to a destination with another card that has money in it. A few clue ideas:

  • Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell Rock.. you might find your gift wherever you put your ____! (socks)
  • Santa Claus stopped by last night, maybe you will find a surprise where he took a cookie ____! (bite)
  • The presents were all wrapped for all to see, maybe you’ll find something on the ____. (tree)
  • Santa has checked his list and has made the decision that you were nice, I think you might find something where you find the ___. (ice)

These are just a few creative Christmas money scavenger hunt clues that can be used. Once they have figured out the clue, they can grab the cash along with the next clue until all the money has been found.

3. Superhero Piggy Bank and Cash Gift -Gift Ideas with Money

Make your own superhero banks out of mason jars (you can use this tutorial from Fireflies and Mudpies). Put a few bills or change inside the bank and give them as a gift. Once the holidays are over, they will have a cool piggy bank they can save their money in!

Superhero Piggy Bank

4. Chocolate Box of Money

What a cute idea! Life as Mom shows you how you can turn an empty box of chocolates into something that they will love even more. This is also a great excuse to eat those delightful chocolates before the holidays!

Chocolate Box of Money

5. Confetti Money Balloon – Gift Ideas with Money

What’s more fun than popping a balloon and getting covered with confetti? Getting covered with confetti and money of course!

Before you blow up the balloon, put confetti and rolled money inside of it. Once the balloon has been popped, it will be raining money and sprinkles of joy!

6. Make a Money Notepad

Definitely creative and fun! For a fun gift this year, make your own real-life money notepad with this tutorial from What Mommy Does. Your gift recipient will be amazed at the real-life money notepad that was made just for them.

money book

7. Creative Ways to Give Money for Christmas: Money Pizza Box

This one is both fun and easy to make! Grab a pizza box and place the money inside to look like the shape of a pizza. Roll up a few bills to use as the crust. In the middle, have the money fanned out in a circle to make the “pizza”. For the toppings, you can use coins, poker chips, or silver dollars.

8. Candy Lei – Gift Ideas with Money

We shared a fun money lei above, but this one adds a few more fun surprises. This lei from Tikkido uses both candy and money as a gift.

If you are headed to a warm weather destination for Christmas, like Hawaii, this is the perfect gift to give!

9. Creative Ways to Give Money for ChristmasUse Dollar Bills as Gift Wrap

We did this one year for the kids and it was hilarious! The first time we did it, we just wrapped an empty box with dollar bills using tape. We waited to put the gift out until Christmas morning so that they didn’t see it beforehand.

This last time we did it, we actually filled the box with clothes and then wrapped the box twice. Once with the money and then again with actual wrapping paper. This allowed us to put the gift under the tree before Christmas day.

I really did feel bad afterward because they had to unwrap each individual dollar without ripping it, but they had fun doing it. It was probably one of the best Gift Ideas with Money.

10. Pop Out Money Gift Box

I love this pop out money gift box idea from DIY Inspired! It’s perfect for any occasion and will be fun for your gift recipient to “open”.

Creative Ways to Give Money for Christmas Pop Out Money Gift Box

11. Money Maze Puzzle BoxCreative Ways to Give Money for Christmas

Gift the gift of cash with a creative brain teaser! This money maze puzzle gift box is great for both kids and adults and they’ll have to put in a little brain work for their money.

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12. Make a Money Tree

One of the easiest ways we like to do a money tree is to grab one of those holiday trees from the Dollar Tree. Then, roll up the dollar bills and stick them inside the tree. Not only does your gift recipient get some cash, but they also get a festive Christmas decoration they can use for their home.

13. Spider Prank Money Box

If you are a bit of a prankster and want to show some prank love, this money box is the way to go!

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14. Creative Ways to Give MoneyAdd Money to Ornaments

Take the tops off the ornaments and place rolled bills inside. We like to go with solid color ornaments so that they can’t see how much is inside. Then, we write their name on the ornaments so they know which ornament is theirs.

If you do use a clear ornament, you can add some festive holiday accents to make them look festive and fun.

The first time we did this, they were confused as to why they would get an ornament for Christmas, but they loved it after they opened it. You can also use personalized ornaments or a special collector’s ornament they can keep forever.

15. Money Inside a Book

If you are gifting a book this year, have the bills sticking out from the top between various pages. Not only will they get a new book to read, but the money inside will also be an extra surprise.

16. Money Shooter

A fun gift for any age! Place bills inside the toy money shooter and both kids and adults will have fun shooting money all over the place!

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17. Creative Ways to Give MoneyCandy Mason Jar

This one is easy and you can use their favorite candy! Simply wrap the money in saran wrap (so the candy doesn’t touch the money) and add it and some candy to the jar. Grab a Christmas gift tag and you are good to go!

This works well with small candies like M&Ms, Reece’s Pieces, Jelly Beans, etc. You can use their favorite candy so they can enjoy a treat and the money.

18. Ugly Sweater Money Gift

Grab one of those interesting ugly sweaters and attach some money to it. They will love both the ugly sweater and the money. Plus, it will make one of the most colorful and Creative Ways to Give Money.

19. Origami MoneyCreative Ways to Give Money

If you are good at origami, you can create a fun design that is made out of money. Just use bills instead of paper. If you are like me and need a little help with learning how to do origami, this book should help you learn simple designs.

20. Give Money with Christmas Treats

Make some cute Christmas treats, like these Christmas rice krispie treats, and give the treats and cash as a gift.

21. Make a Money Bouquet

Use the bills to make a money bouquet by folding the bills and using a paper clip or tape to hold the middles together. You can add real flowers in there to create the look and colors you want.

22. Money Balloon or Pinata

Fill a balloon or pinata full of money. To fill the balloons put the money in before you blow up the balloon and you will get a balloon full of money. Gift recipients will enjoy trying to get the money out!

23. Money Puzzle

Looking for a fun way to give money? If you gift recipient loves puzzles, print out a picture of something they will enjoy and cut it into puzzle pieces. Tape the bills on the back of the puzzles pieces and let them find the money.

Creative Ways to Give Money for Christmas

Here are some more fun ways to give cash for gifts. These don’t necessarily have to be for Christmas, you can put any kind of spin on them making them great for any occasion.

Everyone loves getting cash but plain envelopes are just boring, so mixing it up with some creative ideas makes it even more special. I hope you love these fun ways to gift money! Creative Ways to Give Money is also a great way to make your gift stand out!

Creative Ways to Give Money for Christmas

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