Boom Learning and How to Use Boom Cards in Your Homeschool

Boom Learning is a fun way to mix up your homeschool routine and allows children to learn through digital activities.

While we love our printable worksheets, podcasts, and hands-on activities, having something digital allows us to take activities wherever we go. Because they are digital, kids can work on them during trips, on vacation, or anywhere they go with an internet connection.

What is Boom Learning?

Boom Learning is a digital platform that allows you to purchase or create digital activities for your children. It is the platform that houses the Boom Cards for you.

What Are Boom Cards?

So now that you know a little more about Boom Learning, let’s go over the Boom Cards. The heart of the learning. The reason to use Boom Learning in your homeschool.

You can think of Boom Cards as fun digital flashcards and activities that kids can work on as they learn. You can either create your own Boom Cards or purchase premade Boom Cards that others have made.

One of the great things about Boom Cards is that you can access them on smartphones, tablets, SMARTboards, and computers. Having the option to access these cards on a variety of different platforms allows you to take them anywhere you want.

How to Use Boom Cards

As a parent, you can assign Boom cards and Boom Decks to your student’s account. You can either assign an entire deck or a select number of cards for children to complete.

Once the student has started, they are prompted with cards that ask a question or have them complete a task. The questions can be drag and drop, matching, multiple choice, or fill in the blank.

What are the benefits of Using Boom Cards In Your Homeschool?

Incorporating Boom Cards into your homeschool can help in a variety of different ways:

  • you can assign different tasks to different students.
  • the digital cards can help you save time and offers a alternative way to learn.
  • boom cards provide a fun and interactive way for students to learn.
  • kids can be rewarded with digital rewards and badges for completing the cards.
  • the cards can be used for independent learning.
  • it gives kids immediate feedback.

What are Boom Decks?

A simple explanation is that Boom Decks are a group of Boom Cards. Just like individual cards, you can purchase Boom Decks for interactive digital learning.

Is Boom Learning Free?

Boom Learning offers a variety of different plans, one of them is a free starter plan. This includes up to 5 students, 1 classroom, and 5 self-made Boom decks.

Paid plans are available and are affordable. The benefits of unlimited Boom Cards and Boom Decks may make the monthly cost worth it. With a paid plan, you also have access to reports to see how your child is doing and the ability to assign multiple boom cards/decks.

Where Can You Purchase Boom Cards or Boom Decks?

In addition to being able to make your own cards and decks, you can purchase decks that have already been made.

Decks and cards can be purchased through the Boom Learning website. You can also find a good selection of Boom Cards on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Boom Learning in Your Homeschool

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