Best Toddler Play Doh Sets

Here are some of the best toddler play doh sets that will help promote creativity, learning, and sensory play!

There are so many unique and fun Play Doh sets out there it can be hard to choose just one. Most are recommended for ages 3 and up, but there are some smaller sets that are made just for toddlers.

Those toddler play doh sets typically focus more on introducing them to the modeling clay. Most sets will help toddlers practice creating various items, numbers, letters, and other educational things.

Play Doh Sets for Toddlers

For these Play Doh sets, we are focusing on toddler aged children which will help introduce them to a variety of different subjects.

Best Toddler Play Doh Sets

In addition to making your own rainbow rice, you can use play doh sets for sensory play and color recognition.

Play-Doh Shapes and Colors

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Help toddlers learn their shapes and colors with this Play-Doh set.

The set comes with 5 mats so that your toddler can play and create different shapes. This can be a great way to introduce them to preschool books about colors.

Grab ‘n Go Activity Center

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Toddlers can discover animals, shapes, colors, and numbers with this activity center.

The carrying case comes with 2 built-in tools and allows you to store everything.

Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Fun Factory Playset

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One of our favorite toddler Play Doh sets, this one allows toddlers to create spaghetti and other play-food shapes.

They’ll love playing chef and serving up some pretend meals.

Play-Doh Shape and Learn Make and Measure

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Help promote sensory-motor development and creative thinking with this make and measure set.

It includes 3 measuring tubes, tongs, 8 cutters, plastic knife, roller, stylus, 3 double-sided playmats, Together Time Guide, and 6 cans of Play-Doh

Play-Doh Shape and Learn Letters and Language

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The stamps and stylus included in this Play Doh toddler set are great for little hands to stamp and write letters while practicing their motor skills.

Your toddler can use the stampers and double-sided playmats to engage in activities such as exploring letter recognition and identification. 

Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Cookie Jar

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Cookie cutters and stampers create Play-Doh cookies in 4 different shapes. There is even a frosting tool so that they can put frosting on the cookies.

In addition to all the tools needed, the cookie jar case can hold everything so that you can keep it nice and tidy when not in use.

Create ‘n Go Cupcakes Playset

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Your toddler can use the stamps to create their own shaped cupcakes with this Play Doh set for toddlers.

The set comes with 4 Play-Doh colors and 3 tools that can be stored inside the storage container for easy pickup.

Play-Doh Shape and Learn Numbers and Counting

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Toddlers will love shaping the numbers and learning to count with this set.

It’s one of the best toddler Play Doh sets for imagination, sensory development, and learning.

Super Paint Set from Play Doh

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Not so much a play set but this is a great Play Doh set to give toddlers.

The school bus shaped Play Doh holder is perfect for carrying around Play Doh cans.

Frozen Play-Doh Sparkle Snow Dome Set

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Featuring Elsa and Anna from the movie Frozen, toddlers will have a blast with this playset.

If you’re looking for creative toddler play doh sets, this one is great.

Sweet Shoppe Lunchtime Creations Board Game

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Toddlers will love creating their own pretend lunch.

They will be able to make different fruit, sandwiches, and more with the tools and molds included in the set.

Noodle Party Playset

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This Play-Doh food set comes with play kitchen accessories like an authentic-looking cheese grater, bowl, plate, fork, and squishy Play-Doh compound.

Kids will love pretending they are making noodles. This is one set to add to your toddler play doh sets collection.

Kitchen Creation Cafe Playdough Set

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This play kitchen toy for 3 year olds comes with a toy coffee maker machine,8 cans of 2 oz/can playdough,1 Coffee Maker Machine,1 play dough presser,1 coffee filter,1 cash register,3 food shelves,2 cups,1 coffee liquid mold kits,2 bread mold,1 platen,2 cleaning spatula,1 pallet. Kids can make coffee, bread, vegetables, fruits, and other various play foods.

Play Dough Table with Storage and Dough Tool Molds Kit

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There are many shapes of molds on the color dough table in which toddlers can use the dough to press various interesting shapes.

There are 41 kinds of accessories, including dough tools, cutter models 8 packs of dough, etc.

Play-Doh Hair Stylin’ Salon Playset

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Kids can create crazy, colorful Play-Doh hairstyles with this beauty salon playset.

Kids will love creating different hairstyles and making the character look his best.

Best Toddler Play Doh Sets from Target

Play-doh Care ‘n Carry Vet

Play-doh Spaceship Blastoff Playset

Play-doh Wild Animals Safari Toolset

Play-doh Drill ‘n Fill Dentist

These toddler play doh sets are great for 2-year-olds but they will also work for 3-year-olds and up.

Use the toddler play doh sets for creative play, and learning, or you can even make a play doh themed 3 year old birthday party.

Play Doh Sets for Toddlers Sensory Creative Imagination

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