Pineapple Drinks Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic

The best pineapple drinks alcoholic and non-alcoholic that you can enjoy during the summer! Made with pineapple juice, they’ll make the perfect summer drink.

You can make these pineapple cocktails and mocktails for summer parties, BBQ’s, and other celebrations. Or, just enjoy them when you want a refreshing drink to cool you off.

Since we shared our blue raspberry lemonade cocktail, we wanted to share some of our favorite pineapple flavored drinks.

If you love the flavor of pineapple, you are going to love this collection of the best pineapple drinks alcoholic and non-alcoholic!

Pineapple lovers will also love these recipes for pineapple desserts!

Pineapple Drinks Alcoholic

They are also perfect for summer! Once that warmer weather arrives, we love making fruity cocktails like strawberry cocktails and a watermelon sparkling ice cocktail.

Pineapple Drinks Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic

Pineapple Drinks Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic

The best pineapple drinks alcoholic and non-alcoholic that are perfect for the summer. They’re great for parties and family gatherings!

Strawberry Pineapple Rum Slushie with Coconut from Budget Friendly Family. Strawberries, pineapple, rum, and coconut come together to create a tropical cocktail you can enjoy this summer.

Spiced Pineapple Rum Moscow Mule from Elise Tries to Cook. An easy pineapple rum drink that you can make all year round!

Pina Colada Sangria from Carefree Mermaid. Full of tropical flavors, this pineapple drink is a delicious adult drink that you can enjoy throughout the summer.

Spiced Pineapple Cocktail from We Are Not Martha. This spiced pineapple cocktail is a tequila based pineapple flavored drink that has a bit of a kick to it.

Cherry Turmeric Painkiller Cocktail from The Forked Spoon. A tasty summertime drink that will be your next favorite!

The Wrecked Pirate Cocktail from The Farm Girl Gabs. A Disney inspired drink that’s right out of a pirate movie! Easy to make, refreshing, and delicious.

Pineapple and Orange Coconut Rum Cocktail from Joyous Apron. Such an easy drink to make, pineapple and orange lovers will enjoy this cocktail.

Bahama Mama Cocktail from Sugar and Soul. A delicious summer pineapple drink that you can whip up in no time, this pineapple cocktail is sure to be a hit.

Gin Tiki Cocktail from Emily Fabulous. Perfect for your next BBQ or summer gathering, this cocktail is full of tiki flavors.

Easy Pineapple Tequila from Splash of Taste. A simple pineapple juice drink that is sure to delight your taste buds!

Candy Corn Martini from The Short Order Cook. This martini has all of your favorite fall flavors wrapped into one drink!

Pineapple Mojito Recipe from Mom Foodie. A fun tropical take on the classic Cuban Cocktail.

Pineapple Coconut Malibu Rum Summer Cocktail from Tikkido. You won’t want to miss out on these summer flavors!

The Baylon Cocktail from Little Sugar Snaps. A delightful summer drink that is full of different flavors, The Baylon cocktail is a must-try!

Pineapple Margarita from This Delicious House. A make ahead cocktail that’s perfect for any party, this margarita is made with pineapple juice and other summer flavors.

Pineapple Screwdriver from Mason Jar Recipe. An easy pineapple drink for when you want a simple but flavorful drink to serve and enjoy.

Sparkling Passion Fruit and Pineapple Margaritas from The Forked Spoon. A fresh, fruity, and bubbly drink to enjoy during the summer, you are going to love this alcoholic pineapple drink.

Malibu Bay Breeze Cocktail from Sugar and Soul. Made with pineapple juice, this cocktail is one of the best looking pineapple drinks that also tastes delicious!

Tropical Paradise Peanut Butter Whiskey Cocktail from Homebody Eats. If you love a good peanut butter whiskey, you’re going to love this tropical version!

Amazing Pineapple Drinks

Now that we’ve went over some of the best alcoholic pineapple drinks, let’s check out some of the best non-alcohol pineapple drinks.

Non-Alcoholic Pineapple Drinks

Rainbow Sherbet Punch from Budget Delicious. A delicious non-alcoholic pineapple drink that mixes the flavors of sherbet, pineapple, and raspberries to create a tasty summer drink.

Peach Pineapple Mojito Mocktail from Ottawa Mommy Club. A delicious summer mocktail made with pineapple juice, lime juice, and diced peaches.

Pineapple Cooler from Good Life Eats. Made as a mocktail, but you can add your favorite liquor to make this a festive summer cocktail as well.

Pineapple Punch from Ann’s Entitled Life. A fun non-alcoholic pineapple drink the whole family can enjoy!

Vanilla Pineapple Chia Fresca from The Flavor Bender. Fresh pineapple juice is just one of the ingredients that makes this drink really stand out.

Strawberry Pineapple Punch – An easy slushie that you can make and enjoy during the summer, this nonalcoholic pineapple drink is delicious.

Nonalcoholic Pineapple Strawberry Sangria – Enjoy a sangria without the alcohol!

Mango Pineapple Punch – A skinny drink the whole family can enjoy! This mango pineapple punch is full of flavor and easy to make.

Pineapple Lemonarita – A delicious summer drink that takes a new twist on a classic!

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Pineapple Drinks Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic

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