Benefits of Audiobooks In Your Homeschool

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The benefits of audiobooks in your homeschool. Audiobooks are often over looked, but when it comes to learning, they do have their benefits.

Many will argue that using audiobooks in your homeschool doesn’t count as reading. That because children aren’t reading it out of a physical book, it has no benefits.

That is wrong.

Audiobooks have so many benefits and ways to help children.

Benefits of Audiobooks Homeschool

Benefits of Audiobooks In Your Homeschool

Audiobooks have plenty of benefits when it comes to reading and learning. Let’s chat about a few of the benefits of audiobooks are.

1. Audiobooks Can Help Reluctant Readers

Find yourself with a child that isn’t into reading or just finds it tedious and boring? Have them listen to an audiobook so that they can get interested in the stories and what is happening. It’ll help boost their confidence.

Mix up a variety of narrators when it comes to the audiobooks. You may see the interest go up when they find a narrator they love and get excited with. This could help ease them into reading more and get them excited about reading more books.

2. Support Children with Visual Impairments or Learning Challenges

For little learners who have visual impairments, introducing audiobooks can help them learn and get immersed in the story. With audiobooks, they don’t have to struggle and get frustraded with reading the words. Instead, they learn through listening.

With children who learn differently or have learning challenges, like dyslexia or ADD/ADHD, audiobooks can still give them the opportunity to learn and listen. If you have a fidgety child, listening to the story while they fidget with items can help keep their interest much more than a physical book would.

3. Benefits of Audiobooks: Help Develop Listening Skills

They won’t notice it, but while they are listening to audiobooks, they are developing better listening skills. Listening skills are important to have and will only help them as they grow older.

4. Audiobooks Help You and Your Child Experience It Together

When kids are reading a physical book, they are immersed in their own little world. When we read a book, we all get like that. It’s normal.

When listening to audiobooks, you can enjoy it as a family. Everyone is listening to the same thing and hearing the same story. After the story is over, you can discuss the events and what how the story felt together promoting critical thinking and other skills.

5. You Can Listen to Audiobooks Anywhere

No matter where you are, you can take your audiobooks with you to keep the story going. You can listen to the audiobooks in the car, while exercising, or when you take part in any activity. Just put in the ear buds or have it going through the speakers of the car so that the story can be enjoyed by everyone.

6. It Can Help Introduce Them To High Levels of Reading

When you listen to audiobooks, children can hear words that may be a grade or two higher than what they are studying. Words and topics that are more complexed. Listening to these higher level words will allow your child to delve deeper into the more advanced or complicated topics.

7. Help To Understand and Appreciate Different Dialects

One of our favorite benefits of audiobooks in our homeschool is that as they are listening to the stories, they may hear different dialects. This can make things a little easier for them when they hear people from other countries or with different accents speak.

Benefits of Audiobooks In Your Homeschool

These are just a few of the benefits of audiobooks. There are so many amazing ways that audiobooks can help whether you are homeschooling or not.

If you haven’t tried using audiobooks in your homeschool, give it a try and let us know how it helped, if your child like it, etc. We’d love to hear!

P.S. Ami over at Walking By the Way put together an amazing post about how audiobooks can save your homeschool. It was one of the first things I read that pushed me to introduce audiobooks into our homeschool routine. It’s definitely a good read, so be sure to check it out.

Benefits of Audiobooks In Your Homeschool

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