Things to Do In Savannah with Kids

Are you headed to Georgia and looking for some fun things to do in Savannah with kids? These kid friendly places in Savannah will make for the perfect trip.

Traveling is a great way to incorporate learning, culture, history, and other subjects into your homeschooling. It’s something that lets kids learn by visually seeing and experiencing which is such a great way for kids to learn.

If you are traveling to Georgia soon, we have a list of the best things to do in Savannah with kids.

Things to Do In Savannah with Kids

If you ask kids about what they remember from when they were younger, I bet somewhere on that list is going to be something about where they have been.

A place they visited, somewhere they may have taken a vacation or a special experience they were able to have on a trip. This summer we are hoping to visit Savannah, Georgia, and these things to do in Savannah with the kids are some ideas on places we will visit.

Kid-Friendly Things to Do In Savannah

1. Enjoy the Sweets at Savannah’s Candy Kitchen

Let’s face it… being a kid in a candy store is the ultimate dream and visiting this well-known candy spot in the heart of Savannah will be something the whole family can enjoy. Parents can see and enjoy the nostalgic candies they remember from childhood while the kids enjoy their favorite candy.

As you stroll through Savannah’s Candy Kitchen and awe in the delight of all the candy and sweets, you may even see them make their saltwater candy right there in the store.

2. Visit the Savannah Children’s Museum

There are over a dozen things for kids to see at the Savannah Children’s Museum. It’s an all-outdoor museum where you can take the kids to explore, play, and learn.

Kids will love visiting the sensory garden, exploring the garden, hanging out in the reading nook, or using the nature kitchen. The museum also hosts a lot of events you can take part in, but visiting on a regular day will be just as fun.

Keep in mind that because the server is all outdoors, you will want to check the weather before you head out.

3. Old Savannah Trolly Tour

One of the best ways to see the city is by trolly. The Old Savannah Trolly Tours is one of the most popular because of the Hop On – Hop Off Tour.

The Hop On – Hop Off Tour allows you to ride along to see the sites and allows you to stop at one of the 14 stops available. At any of the stops, you can stretch your legs, get the kids a snack, see the sights, and take a bit of a break if needed.

Along the tour, you will come across different colorful and charming characters that will add some smiles to your day.

4. Dine In At The Pirate’s House

Enjoy a nice lunch or dinner at The Pirate’s House with the kids, they will love seeing and interacting with the pirates. The Pirate’s House has been around since 1753 and was a must-visit for seafarers.

Formally an inn for the sailors as they traveled, The Pirate’s House is now a family restaurant praised for its delicious food, drink selection, and entertainment value. People come from all over to see and dine in at the restaurant.

5. Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park is a wonderful place to visit for everyone in the family. It’s the largest and oldest park in Savannah that was named after Georgia’s 33rd governor. Ask any local and they will tell you a visit to the park is something that should be on your list of things to do in Savannah.

As you travel through the 30-acre park you will come across musicians and entertainers, 2 children’s parks so the kids can run around and play, and then check out the beautiful gardens.

Be sure to also check out the famous Forsyth Park fountain. It’s one of the most photographed areas in the city and gives you the perfect excuse to take a cute family picture. And if you’re visiting on a weekend, check out the park’s farmer’s market.

6. Telfair Children’s Art Museum

The purpose of the children’s art museum is to ignite creativity and inspire children with engaging and interactive displays.

On the first floor, you can visit the Tunnel Gallery which will help children learn more about impressionism as well as an interactive digital Portrait Gallery. The second floor is full of activities in the open play spaces that are made available to kids and an interactive Landscape Gallery.

On our visit to the city, this is at the top of our things to do in Savannah.

7. Georgia State Railroad Museum

Explore the history of the Georgia State Railroad as you make your way through the museum. Kids and adults will be able to see a working handcar, tour the historic railcars, and even take a guided train tour around the Georgia State Railroad Museum.

There are several different play areas the kids can check out in between seeing and hearing the historic steam and diesel locomotives.

8. Enjoy the Art and Creativity

Art and creativity are in every direction you go while in Savannah. A simple walk will allow you to see the beautifully lined trees on the sidewalks and the impressive architecture of the historic buildings.

Tip: Head to the Starland District to see all of the colorful murals and unique businesses. While you’re there you can catch a show at The Historic Savannah Theatre, grab a bite at a local pizzeria or restaurant, or enjoy a sweet treat from one of the bakeries.

Fun Things To Do In Savannah With Kids

Kids and adults will have a blast with these fun things to do in Savannah. They will remember their experiences and love learning more about the history of this charming city.

Have you been to Savanah? Do you have a recommendation on some things to do in Savannah with the family?

Fun Things to Do In Savannah with Kids

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