Facts About Groundhogs for Kids and Activity Worksheet

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Learn more about groundhogs and what they do with these facts about groundhogs. These facts about groundhogs will help children learn more about the creatures that we see burrowing through the dirt.

We’ve shared some fun Groundhog Day activities and to go along that, we wanted to teach the kids a little more about groundhogs.

Facts About Groundhogs

These facts about groundhogs make the perfect addition to your Groundhog Day celebrations as the kids learn more about Punxsutawney Phil.

Facts About Groundhogs for Kids and Activity Worksheet

A few fun facts on groundhogs that kids will learn with this worksheet:

  • The scientific name for groundhog is Marmota monax.
  • They are solitary animals that are part of the squirrel family.

1. Groundhogs Like to Burrow

Groundhogs have sharp claws that help them burrow into the ground and move through the dirt. Those burrows can be up to 66 feet long and are used for storing food, hibernating, and nesting.

2. Groundhogs Hibernate

Usually, in October groundhogs go into hibernation and don’t emerge until late winter/early spring. Hibernation usually starts in late October or early November through March. Once hibernation ends, groundhogs awake and start looking for mates.

3. They Swim and Climb Very Well

While groundhogs are known for burrowing into the ground, they are skilled climbers and swimmers. Being skilled swimmers and climbers helps them get away from their predators. They also climb and swim to get food.

4. Groundhogs Like to Live on Their Own

Groundhogs are mostly solitary animals and like to go out and burrow and do things on their own. When they seek out other groundhogs, it is usually to mate.

Even though they live a solitary life, they do communicate with one another by using high-pitched cries. Those high-pitched noises they make are meant to help warn each other of approaching threats.

Groundhog Activity Worksheet

Groundhog Activity Worksheet

Download the activity worksheet!

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