30 Day Kids Fitness Challenge Free Printable

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Get the kids moving with this free printable 30 Day kids fitness challenge calendar! Each day has a different activity to get them exercising.

The kid-friendly exercises that they will be doing for the 30 day kids fitness challenge will help keep them moving in a fun way.

Free Printable 30 Day Kids Fitness Challenge

30 Day Kids Fitness Challenge

Exercise is important for everyone, no matter what the age but starting them out early is the best thing you can do.

When they learn how important eating right and exercising is at an early age, they will hopefully carry that knowledge with them over the years and continue to be active and healthy.

This 30 Day Fitness Challenge for Kids Includes:

  • dancing
  • jumping jacks
  • bear walks
  • leg exercises
  • cartwheels
  • running in place
  • crab walks
  • balancing exercises
  • free choice movement days
  • push ups
  • sit ups
  • bunny hops
  • and more!

I love these exercises because they can be done anywhere. Whether you are traveling or enjoying your time at home, they can complete the 30 day kids exercise challenge activities.

Incorporate these exercise activities for kids in your homeschool throughout the year or to celebrate healthy and fun educational holidays.

30 Day Kids Fitness Challenge Free Printable

Download the free printable 30 day challenge here

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