100 Days of School Activities: Homeschool Edition

Homeschoolers don’t have to miss out on the fun 100 days of school activities. Celebrating 100 days of homeschooling has benefits, and we can implement learning into the fun as well as special celebrations that are tailored to our kiddos.

For any child, 100 days of school is a huge deal. It’s a milestone and something to be proud of. We make sure we start the countdown at the beginning of our homeschool year so that we have something to look forward to celebrating later on.

100 Days of School Activities

100 Days of School Activities

100 Days of Homeschool Activities

The title may focus on 100 days of homeschool activities, but these can be for everyone. Homeschoolers or not. Classes, groups, and more.

In addition to these ideas, there are so many other things that you can do!

  • Have the kids write about their top 5 or 10 days of school. Something that they’ve enjoyed doing, a special day they learned about, or one of their favorite topics in a certain subject.
  • 100 Days of school activities is a great way for kids to practice math.
  • Have the kids create an art project with 100 small items. Let them get creative and have fun with it!
  • Make and wear a special 100 days of school shirt.

Here are some of our other favorite 100 days of school projects and activities the kids can do to celebrate the special day.

1. 100th Day of School Headband

100 Days of School Headband preschool image 1

Kids will love making their special 100th day of school headbands. There is a template provided so you can print and it’s ready to go. Kids can color the handband and add any fun designs they want. – Simple Everyday Mom

2. 100th Day of School Writing Prompt Printables

We are HUGE on writing activities, so we love these 100 days of school writing prompts. It’s a great way to get the kids to practice writing and more. There are 10 different writing prompts that you can print, and young children can write their own stories about the various things. – Homeschool of 1

3. Happy 100th Day of School Coloring Sheet

100th Day of School Printable Facebook Picture 768x768 1

Kids will have fun coloring the objects when they celebrate their 100th day of school. You can also use it as a math activity and have them count the number of objects within the numbers. – JDaniel4’s Mom

4. Host a 100 Days of School Party

100 days of school 1

Throw a 100 days of school party at home. You can decorate your homeschool room with different celebration items and have the kids create some fun crafts to celebrate. Grab some special snacks and drinks and you have a party! – Long Wait for Isabella

5. 100th Day of School Activity Set

Celebrate 100 days of school with this activity set. You’ll even be able to print out certificates for children. – Wondermom Wannabe

6. 100 Days of School Project: Penny Art

Shayna with her S 1024x944 1

Create penny art to celebrate the 100 day milestone. Use 100 pennies and let the kids create their own design, initial, or anything else. – Simplified Saving

7. 100 Days of School Heart Sticker Project

3 100 days school heart sticker project 1

I love this idea! Sticker art can be a fun project for kids and this project focuses on celebrating their 100th day of school. – Hello Wonderful

8. 100 Days of School Coloring Pages

Celebrate that 100-day milestone with these coloring pages. – Happiness is Homemade

9. Pom Pom Cupcake

2 cupcake pom pom craft kids 1

Another fun 100 day art project, this one will have the kids creating a cute pom pom cupcake. – Hello Wonderful

10. 100th Day of School Gumball Machine

Create a gumball machine with 100 “gumballs”. You can create the gumballs by using markers, candy, or pom poms. – Room Mom Rescue

100 Days of Homeschool

11. 100 Lego Challenge

100legos 768x512 1

Kids love a challenge and if they love building, this 100 day Lego activity will be a great activity they can do to celebrate their 100th day of homeschooling. – Days with Grey

12. Create a Bee Handprint Craft

Bee Handprint Craft with Paper Plates

This handprint bee craft is easy to make and you can celebrate the 100 days of school by bringing in the Spring season.

13. Printable 100 Days of School Coloring Pages

Add some extra fun to your celebration with these 100 days of school printable coloring pages. – Rock Your Homeschool

14. Goldfish Bowl 100 Day Celebration Craft

Another fun project kids can do to celebrate their 100th day of school is this cute goldfish bowl. – Hello Wonderful

15. 100th Day Of School Shirt

Creating a 100th day of school shirt is a fun and creative way to celebrate the milestone. – Design Improvised

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