Homemade Pretzels Without Yeast

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Homemade pretzels without yeast can be a great snack to enjoy. They also come in handy when you don’t have any yeast on hand.

These homemade pretzels without yeast are easy to make and delicious. We shared our no boil pretzel recipe but it includes yeast.

We don’t buy yeast often, so when we run out, having a recipe for homemade pretzels without yeast is handy.

No Yeast Homemade Pretzels

Homemade Pretzels Without Yeast

You can still enjoy flavorful pretzels without yeast. These easy to make recipes will show you have to make homemade pretzels with no yeast.

Pretzel Ring with Cream Cheese Mustard Dip

Homemade Pretzels Without Yeast - Pretzel Ring with Cream Cheese Mustard Dip

Emily Fabulous is always cooking up some good snacks and meal ideas. This pretzel ring is paired with a homemade cream cheese mustard dip that takes this dish to a whole new flavor.

Homemade Pretzels Without Yeast

Biscuit Pretzels from Loving Living Lancaster. Using biscuits is a genius way to make your own homemade pretzels without yeast.

No Yeast Soft Pretzels

Yogurt is the secret ingredient to these yeast free soft pretzels. The sea salt gives you that tasty saltiness every pretzel should have.

Homemade Pretzels Without Yeast

2 Ingredient Pretzel Bites from Health Beet. This recipe uses yogurt and self rising flour to create a tasty snack. Pair the pretzel bites with your favorite dipping sauce.

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