Crayola Steam Kits for Homeschool Learning

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These fun Crayola Steam Kits for homeschool learning bring the worlds of science, math, technology and art together.

As if that wasn’t enough, the STEAM activities will help children build and understand more vocabulary words and help with communication. It can also build their problem-solving and critical thinking skills while allowing them to be creative with their work.

Providing those hands-on activities that are fun, educational, and creative, will foster a love for learning.

Crayola Steam Kits for Homeschool Learning

Crayola Steam Kits for Homeschool Learning

Part of our Crayola gift collection, we love these Crayola STEAM kits for our homeschool learning.

Crayola Solar System Science Kit

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With this Crayola Solar System kit, kids will learn about planets, stars, meteors and more as they paint each planet and mount them on the giant 3 foot mounting poster.

Pair it up with these solar system worksheets for extra learning fun!

Crayola STEAM Create to Learn Kit

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These Crayola STEAM activyt kit includes 3 visual, easy-to-use, project ideas for kids.

Themes include —Animals Big & Small, Look Around, and the Transportation Game.

Crayola Paper Flower Science Kit

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A fun DIY craft kit that is also a science kit features everything needed to make 12 Wicking Paper Flowers, as well as a guide with step-by-step instructions.

The kids will love learning more about science as they make these colorful flowers.

Crayola Arctic Color Chemistry Set

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A fun Crayola chemistry set that includes 50 different hands-on learning winter activities the kids can do.

The activities were designed by Crayola science experts and come with simple instructions.

Crayola Paper Maker Kit

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This Crayola STEAM kits creates 20 sheets of 5″ x 8″ paper. It’s perfect for DIY cards, decor, notes, and other arts and crafts projects.

Crayola Build A Beast Shark

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Building a shark will be a fun STEAM activity for learning. You can even pair it up with some other ocean activities for kids.

After completed, the shark tail wiggles and shakes, giving lifelike movement to the colorful clay creations.

Crayola Silly Scents Sticker Maker

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Kids will love creating their own stickers with this silly scent sticker maker.

Kids can create reusable stickers for decorating just about everything.

Crayola Steam Kits

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