5 Senses of the Body Printable Worksheets

Help your kids learn more about the 5 senses of the body with these fun printable worksheets! The pack includes 4 pages.

Kids learn at an early age how the 5 senses help us navigate through the world. The world is full of amazing smells, sights, sounds, and things that we can feel everyday.

They may just not know that each time they do one of those things, at least one of their 5 senses is coming in to play.

5 Senses of the Body Printable Worksheets

5 Senses of the Body Printable Worksheets

Being as thrifty as we can, we love free homeschool resources. That is one of the reasons why we create printables to go along with our learning.

With printable worksheets like this 5 senses of the body activity, we can easily help children learn more about different subjects.

Senses of the Body Activity Pack

This pack includes 4 different pages.

  • A cover page that show the kids what body part is used for each of the senses.
  • Seek and find, or word search printable, that they can use to find each of the words.
  • Trace and color page which will allow them to trace each of the words and color in the image.
  • An adventure sheet where they can list things that they see, can feel, hear, and so on.

Pair these worksheets with some fun hands on learning activities and you have the perfect way to teach kids more about the five senses.

You can also have the kids watch a fun video about the 5 senses. The video below is always a fun one for them to watch.

YouTube video

Books About the 5 Senses

5 Senses of the Body Printable

Download the Printable Worksheets Here

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