Christmas Nail Art Design for the Holidays

Get inspired by these easy Christmas nail art design ideas for the holidays this year! DIY or done by a professional, these festive holiday nails will make the holidays more cheerful.

You’re probably asking why a homeschool blog is featuring Christmas nail designs. The answer to that is that my daughter wants to try decorating my nails this year for the holidays. She loves drawing, designing, and is getting into fashion.

So, we are going to be incorporating some art practice into it and let her get creative with decorating nails. This is what inspired us to find some creative Christmas nail art design styles.

Festive Holiday Nails Designs & Ideas

These are just some fun holiday nail art designs that we found and wanted to share in case you wanted to incorporate them into your art activities.

Christmas Nail Art Designs

Christmas Nail Art Design Ideas

We are loving these festive and pretty Christmas nail art design ideas for the holidays!

1. Red & Silver Glitter Nails

Red and silver are two of the staple colors of Christmas so using those in this Christmas nail art design only makes sense. I love that one reminds me of a striped candy cane.

Each nail here sports a fun Christmas nail design. You can go red with glitter, red with white glitter stripes, or white with white glitter designs.

You may also like these DIY candy cane decorations.

2. Christmas Present Nails

What a fun way to show some holiday spirit! We love the darker red color with spots of glitter and the one nail which is designs to look like a present.

3. Holiday Lights Nail Design

The holiday lights on the nails are definitely one we will try. We can easily draw the string and the lights should be easy to make.

4. Christmas Confetti Nails

Another simple and festive holiday nail design idea, these Christmas confetti nails are fun and easy to do.

5. Snowflakes and Polar Bear Nails

Snowflakes and polar bears on the nails make these Christmas nail art design ideas perfect for the holidays.

6. Rudolph and Snowflakes Nail Art

Instead of going with polar bears, you can change it up to reindeer with these Rudolph and snowflake nails.

7. Festive Christmas Nails

One of my favorites for this year, these holiday nail designs give you a little bit of everything. You have the gingerbread man, Rudolph, snowflakes, and glitter designs.

8. Glitter Ornament Nail Design

Festive and fun, these holiday nails are adorable. We love the holiday ornament design!

9. Candy Cane Nails

Designing candy cane nails can be tricky because you need to be able to draw in a semi straight line. If not, they’ll look a little strange.

10. Festive Holiday Nail Designs

Snowflakes, Santa belly, holiday ornaments, and candy cane stripes create these fun holiday nail designs.

11. Christmas Tree Nails

Nothing says festive like Christmas trees! We love the Christmas tree nail designs along with the red glittery nails.

12. Red and Green Christmas Nails

Love love love these holiday nails!

13. Santa Nail Design

Show off your holiday spirit with these Santa nails! You can also create the snowman and gingerbread man designs.

14. Holly Christmas Nails

Creative! These holiday nails feature holly designs and red glitter nails.

15. Christmas Elves

I’m loving these Christmas elf nails! You can’t go wrong with these! See more pics here.

16. Gingerbread House Nail Design

I have to admit, these gingerbread nails are probably my favorite. Aren’t they cute?

17. Snowman Nails

Super cute!

18. Christmas Patterns

If you want a more detailed holiday nail design, these Christmas pattern nails are adorable.

19. Gold Glitter Christmas Nails

Christmas trees, lights, holly, and a festive wreath are surrounded by gold polish with glitter.

20. Christmas Present Nails

Red and silver present designs!

Christmas Nail Art Design Holidays

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