Free Weekly Meal Planner Template Styles to Get Today

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We have a variety of different weekly meal planner template options for you to download. As we add more, we will update them here.

Meal planning is an important aspect of saving money and living on a budget. In fact, if you are not meal planning, you could be wasting money without even realizing it.

When we first started on our journey to save money, planning our meals was not something we had on our radar. But then we dug deep into our finances and how much we were spending. One of the biggest places money was going was to food.

Without planning our meals or having some kind of meal plan, we spent so much more than we should have. We would eat out more or make multiple trips to the store to pick out something for dinner.

We really never even thought about how keeping our pantry stocked or planning meals could save us money. Huge mistake!

If you’re trying to stay on track with your budget and want to start planning your meals, grab these Free Weekly Meal Planner Template Styles. (Download links are provided at the bottom of the page.)

Free Weekly Meal Planner Template Styles

Currently, we have two different Free Weekly Meal Planner Template Styles you can download. We do plan to add more because I love creating budget planners and printables to help save money.

Free Weekly Meal Planner Printable – Visual Boxes

Free Weekly Meal Planner Template Teal Yellow

Above is our visual box meal planner template. Sometimes, I like something more visually appealing to help me plan my meals, which is why I like this one.

It contains boxes for each day of the week so that you can plan out your meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It gives you some extra room to write your meal plans and includes a short grocery list at the bottom.

Free Weekly Meal Planner Printable – List Style

Free Weekly Meal Planner Template Blue Yellow

Most of the days, I am more of a list person. I have lists for just about everything, including our meals. So when I’m feeling “listy”, I like to use the meal planner template above.

It still has space for your to write down your meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but it is a little more compact. A meal planning shopping list is also included but it’s more of a spread out space and gives you a little more room to write.

Download the Free Weekly Meal Planner Template Printables

Both of these Free Weekly Meal Planner Template Styles can be downloaded for free. You can print one style or print both, it’s entirely up to you. Once you print, just add them to your meal planning or budget binder (aff).

These are the two I use most frequently. Since I love creating a budget and meal plan printables, I’ll be adding more to this list soon.

If you’d like to grab the new Free Weekly Meal Planner Template Styles when they arrive, pin the image below. Then, you can easily check back often to see the available options.

Printable Weekly Meal Planner Pin

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