Printable Monthly Bill Payment Log & Free Budget Planner

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A free printable monthly bill payment log and free budget printable pages to keep track of your expenses and bills. It will also make a family budget template that you can use.

It’s a simple no-frills design to make it easier to read and to keep track of your bills. I like the easy to read bill trackers because they aren’t crowded. It’s right to the point and not complete chaos!

How to Make a Family Budget

Establish a goal. The first step to making a family budget is to establish a goal. Are you looking to see where your money is going? Do you want to keep track of your bills and when they are paid?

Gather your financial information. You also want to gather all of your financial information. What bills need to be paid and the income that you have coming in. Those are the most important. You’ll also want to grab your payment receipts and bank statements. Don’t forget to include anything that automatically comes out of the bank.

I like to organize them into categories because it is easier for me to read and keep track of.

Printable Monthly Bill Payment Log and Family Budget Printable

Printable Monthly Bill Payment Log and Family Budget Printable

There are 4 pages included in this free budget packet. We’ll go over each one in more detail so that you can see what is included.

Page 1: Monthly Expenses

The monthly expenses page gives you the opportunity to list the costs of your household bills, food costs, car payments, and other expenses you may have. It is a little more detailed so you can see how much you are spending where.

Since food can get expensive, find out some of the best ways to stock your pantry on a budget!

Page 2: Budget at a Glance

The budget at a glance gives you the ability to keep track of your income, expenses, and savings all on one sheet. There is also a notes section in case you need it.

Page 3: Printable Monthly Bill Payment Log

This one is my favorite and the one I use the most. This page allows you to list each and everyone one of your bills, the amount due each month, and the date it is due. On the right, you will find a box for each month where you can place a checkmark once it is paid. I use this so that I can keep track of when each bill is due and when I want to make sure each bill is paid.

Page 4: Monthly Bill Payment Tracker

This page is a different version of the payment log. If you like keeping records each month, this would be a great one to use. For each month, you can write down your bills, expected income, the amount due, and if it has been paid. Once the month is over, simply store it away in your files.

Download the Printable Monthly Bill Payment Log & Free Budget Planner below!

Download it here

These are a few of my other favorite budget printables:

And, if you are looking to get the kids started on saving money, Savvy Money Lessons, has a really cute one for kids.

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